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At PLIT Games we offer a partnership deal to interested parties.

20% of any monthly subscription fees from players you have referred to PLIT Games will be given to you.

- Partner Payments
Payments will be made using once a month if your account balance is above 50 US$.

Players can either pay 21, 36 or 60 US$. Occasionally, I receive payments in other amounts. The average donation size is 28-30 US$.

- Screen shots
My games are browser based and mostly consist of text, with a few pictures here and there.
* Strive for Power screenshot
* GangWar screenshot
More screenshots, banners and such can be found at

- Game Urls
A short description of each game can be found on the above urls or at

- Referreral URL
My referral system works with you getting a url which you link to from your site. The url is like this :

* (no line break here)

With the referrer code (XXXXXX) exchanged with your personal referrer code.
Various banners and such can be found at More are being made.
Spamming or posting in places against site policies will cause you to be deleted as a PLIT Games Partner and all money earned will be forfeited.

- Account status
At any time, you can see your partner account status at:

- PLIT Games Players
If you are also a player, you can have any partner earnings transferred to your account. This is done for a fee of 5 US$/month no matter how much money you transfer. You are also allowed to transfer money to other player's accounts.

- Cancellation info
Both the partner and PLIT Games can cancel this agreement at any time. Former partners will continue to receive payments for any users they have referred.

- How to join
To join, you should email me at with the desired login and password for the partner page, and the urls from the sites you plan to advertise from. I would also like a description of what you plan to do. I will then send you the necessary information.

Peter / PLIT Games