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To play PLIT Games online multiplayer games for free you need to create a master account here.

The games you will get access to by signing up are :
  • Virtual Online Wrestling -
    An open-ended professional wrestling sim for anyone. You don't have to be a fan of real wrestling to like this game.
  • Adventures Fame -
    A very simple open-ended adventure/gladiator game. The perfect game to play on your lunch break. There is no direct player interaction in this game.
  • Strive for Power -
    A more complex open-ended adventure game with loads of continents to explore and monsters to kill.
  • GangWar -
    A simple, close-ended turf war game where players vie for control of city blocks on a grid. Very simple yet challenging. Another good lunch break game.
  • Space Conquest -
    A closed-ended space empire game.
  • All games are online multiplayer games played directly in your browser with no downloads of any kind, and all operate on an action point system. There are also no annoying audio files or large graphics that can slow your internet connection.


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