Wrestler's Name The Joker Height 5'8 Weight 183 Signature Moves scorpion deathlock & R.K.O. Finishing Move Shooting Star DDT(blood Line) Finishing Move Description (Blood Line) you're opponent is has to be dizzy and standing in front of you. then you need to jump on the third turn buckle, then fly off into a shooting star press, then grab you're opponents head into a DDT. one you hit the ground, don let go. wait for you're opponent to tap out, or pass out! Wrestling Style SUBMISSION/ARIAL Personality* Luke Warm Personality Add. Two split personality.he fights like a Drunken Master, but he's sober. Scorpion James is Known to get under people's skin. able to endure pain, and when Scorpion James is knocked out, his joker side James comes out and takes control. Scorpion James is known to feel no pain until the following day. He is also known to put his body on the line to get the job done. has a will to survive type of an attitude. takes chances. dont know when to quit. will take on any challenger, big or small, he will find a way to win! About Me: Scorpion James was born on December 1st,, 1983 in Virginia Beach, VA. In 1999, he started his career as part of a group called, "One of a Kind" they were trained by The Steiner Brothers, One Of the man that trained with him his Name was "Richy Rich" Spain. They went to Lemoore together as the Bladestoners. Scorpion James's name was The Joker in California and he became Scorpion James when they moved to the UCW. Scorpion James became one of the top stars in the UCW before it was sold in 2006. A New Superstar: Scorpion James became a star at the first Clash of Champions when he fought Jeff Hardy to a 45 minute draw. He was a top face in the company and won the Crockett Cup with "Richy Rich" Spain. In 2009, he became Jeff Hardy's partner in their feud against AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio. In early 2010, Scorpion James became a member of the Main Event Mafia but he was quickly kicked out for signing for a match against Sting for the title. On the night he was kicked out of the Main Event Mafia, Scorpion James injured his knee while trying to enter a steel cage to get to Sting. After being out of action for almost half a year, he beat Sting in his return to become the new champ. His first title reign was marred by some of the worst booking ever as he feuded with the Black Scorpion. He lost the title back to Sting in march 2011. Scorpion James regained the title from his former friend Jeff Hardy. He then feuded with the Dangerous Alliance and Big Van Vader.