Evlaliya Olsufieva

Evlaliya Olsufieva
Ring name(s) Evlaliya Olsufieva
Billed height 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Billed weight 63 kg (140 lb)
Born October 8, 1981
Minsk , Belarus
Debut in VOW February 23, 2014

Evlaliya Olsufieva ( Эвлалія Олсуфева , born October 8, 1981 ) is a belarusian professional wrestler and mixed martial artist .


Domination-Sexy Fighting Championship (2013)

The first kind of fight experienced by Evlaliya Olsufieva was in an erotic fight league called Domination,where women wrestle each other in sexy ways recalling the world of the Femdom. Olsufieva had a record of 6 wins on 6 fights.

Blood Bowl carrer (2013-2014)

Evlaliya Olsufieva played also for the amazon blood bowl team Amazon Whippers scoring a touchdown in a match against a human team called Italian Stallions.

VOW League of Amateur Wrestling (2014 - present)

On February 23 2014,Evlaliya Olsufieva debuted in the League of Amateur Wrestling in VOW,accepting the challenge of wrestle in a male-dominant place thanks to her "mistress attitude".