HEIGHT: 6'0"

WEIGHT: 300 lbs

DATE OF BIRTH: 05/14/1987

BORN: The Other side of Sanity

VOW DEBUT: 12/14/2009

FINISHER: Darkness Falls (Frog Splash)

BIO: Zach McCoy was a wrestler working his way up the indy scene as "Zach MiZery" in the death match style....One rainy evening after leaving a show in Indiana he got into a devastating car accident that left 95% of his body chard...After 3 hours in critical condition at the hospital his heart stopped and he was pronounced dead...But little did anyone know that his body and mind would rise again, his heart beats no more and his soul is sitting on the Devil's desk in exchange for immortality....He wears a mask, and only walks in the shadows to avoid all human interactions until it's time to step into the ring and collect the souls that are required for him to retrieve his back from Satan himself.