Technical Tom

The concept behind Technical Tom is to create the generic technical wrestler who is able to handle a wide variety of match types. Within this concept, it was really important to be able to pick my battles, but be more than willing to face people much higher than myself. With a single victory against an SSWO as a SPWA, it proved that a good Tech is able to handle some difficult matches, which makes things rather interesting in the ring.


If you're the kind of person who only prefers a certain type of match, be sure to put it in your description where it is clearly visible to see or else no one will know you prefer that type of match. It's rude to not include it in your description and then decline matches that don't follow what you want match-wise and tell them "LMS Only" or something to that accord. They couldn't have possibly known because you didn't put it in your description, or it is 10 scrolls down because of all of your images.


Please remember that bashing is not only disrespectful within the community, it is always against the rules. Be sure to find a suitable opponent for you in order to gain experience and money as well as fame that will help you out through the game. Remember, the more money you obtain, the better you will do in the long run. Matches, Stats, and Finishers all require money.

Blacklisted Users

The people on this list will never have a match accepted from me.

GOLDBERG(284687) - Goldberg was fairly rude and has a comment in his profile singling out individuals who have cared enough to donate their hard earned money to support Virtual Online Wrestling. Apparently, an aspect of the game that was created by the original developer is considered cheating despite the fact that it is clearly not cheating because it is a function that was legitimately added to the game. Donating has been there since I first joined quite a few years back.