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Char Technical Awakening(274231)
Stable Hellbound(7854)
Created 2008-05-09 23:05:14
Money 999999999999 (I h4z LotS uV MONEEEE
Fighting Style Technical
Ap 100000000
Strength 100000000
Submission 100000000
Technique 100000000
Aerial 0
Consciousness 100000000(100000000)
Vital Life
Fame 9999999999999999999999999(I Am Vury Famusss
Experience 999999999999999999
Win By Pin 100000000
Win By Submission 100000000
Win By Knockout 100000000
Win Cage 100000000
Win Ladder 100000000
Win Table 100000000
Win LMS 100000000
Win Tag 100000000
Lose By Pin 0
Lose By Submission 0
Lose By Knockout 0
Lose Cage 0
Lose Ladder 0
Lose Table 0
Lose LMS 0
Lose Tag 0
Tournaments Won 100000000
Belts Won I R Teh CHAMPEEN

(250 chars max)

Click HERE to see my Webstie/Guide to Noob Bashing in VOW

CAGE/LMS ONLY!!!!!!1!!1!@#@%@#5534@!

0 unread messages from the game.
0 unread messages from players.

Known Moves Type Description
Head Lock Submission The attacker stands to the side of the victim, facing the same direction. The attacker wraps their arm around the victim's head with one arm and applies pressure with both arms.
Turnbuckle smash Strength The attacker rams the victim's head into the turnbuckle. Sometimes done ten times so the local yokels can prove they can count that high.
Chop Strength The attacker slaps the victim with the bottom of their hand.
Punch Strength The attacker strikes the victim with their fist.
Stomp Strength The attacker kicks the victim with the flat of their foot. Usually done to a part of the body on the mat.
Kick Strength The attacker strikes the victim with the sole of their foot.
Shoulder Tackle Strength It's a shoulder tackle.
Shoulder Thrust Strength Shoulder to the midsection, usually done on the turnbuckles.
Small Package Technique The attacker is facing the victim. The attacker has the victim in a front face lock. The attacker hooks both the victim's legs, one with their arm and the other with the leg on the same side of their body (If the attacker uses his right arm to hook the victim's leg, the attacker uses their right leg to hook the victim's free leg by going across the attacker's body), the attacker pulls the victim down so that the victim's shoulders are pinned to the mat.
Irish Whip into the corner Technique The attacker grabs an arm of the victim and whips them into the ropes or corner or railing or post.
Arm Drag Takedown Technique The attacker hooks an arm of the victim and falls to the mat and pulls the victim over.
Elbow drop Technique The attacker falls on the victim elbow first.
Clothesline Technique The attacker sticks out their arm and hits the victim in the neck with it.
Drop Kick Technique The attacker jumps in the air and kicks the victim with both their feet. The attack can be focuses on the victim's head, chest, stomach, back or legs.
Neck Snap Technique The victim is sitting, the attacker is behind them. The attacker performs a forward flip over the victim and grabs the back of their head/neck, snapping it forward.
Spear Technique When enemy is weak and is trying to stand up and he faces you, from one corner the wrestler runs at him, flings out his shoulder and slams him hard down on the ribcage with his shoulder blade.


Special Move Name Base Move Name
Luz Bag Chop
Bought at 300 exp. 33670 $.
Special Move Name Base Move Name
Luz Kid Arm Drag Takedown
Bought at 191 exp.
Special Move Name Base Move Name
Luz Clothesline
Bought at 0 exp. for 0$. (What a bargain) =O

Click to edit special moves.
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CHAT - Start position = 1
2008-07-05 19:10:42 Dave Abernethy(279335)
Lets all worship this god-like figure while hes still in our presence!
2008-07-05 19:10:23 Super Wicked Hot Chick(265335)
*Throws Panties at Technical Awakening(274231)
2008-07-05 19:10:22 hornswogley(281770)
*Bows* I am not worthy to graze your genitals!
2008-07-05 19:09:37 Technical Awakening(274231)
Hello Peasants!
2008-07-05 19:08:52 he could touch me any time he wanted!
Agreed!!! Especially his brawny physique!
2008-07-05 19:08:29 Random Hot Chick(281770)
Technical Awakening(274231) Has got to be the hottest guy on this earth
2008-07-05 19:08:20 hornswogley(281770)
Technical Awakening(274231) has got to be my all-time favorite hero!
2008-07-05 19:08:07 hornswogley(281770)
Dont We all?
2008-07-05 19:07:55 TheGreatestKing(281741)
i wish i was as great as the great Technical Awakening(274231)
2008-07-05 19:07:22 XxnelledgeXx(281747)
2008-07-05 19:06:16 Kid Dynamite(274242)
2008-07-05 19:03:42 hornswogley(281770)
i wann asit on his lap ssooooooooooooo badly.
2008-07-05 18:57:13 Flyin Brian(265335)
I'm Gay
2008-07-05 18:55:04 hornswogley(281770)
kinda wierd bro, i bet if he wanted to Technical Awakening(274231) could get your grandma and my grandma at the same time.
2008-07-05 18:54:32 TheGreatestKing(281741)
My Grandmother gets more pussy than all the VOWers put together.
2008-07-05 18:54:04 hornswogley(281770)
Technical Awakening(274231) Get so much more puss than all the VOWers put together...
2008-07-05 18:52:04 Flyin Brian(265335)
Poop Greatest
2008-07-05 18:51:57 Flyin Brian(265335)
Me too! And im a Girl! wierd...
2008-07-05 18:51:10 TheGreatestKing(281741)
dude, Technical Awakening(274231) gives me SUCH a boner.
2008-07-05 18:50:54 Flyin Brian(265335)
Technical Awakening(274231) is SOFA KING COOL! LOL!
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