Phalanx of Zeus, the Rising Power

The Phalanx was sent to this world due to an overload of orcs, goblin and other nasty stuff. Zeus hopes this special trained unit can get the world rid of all the evil and so far they seem to be fullfilling their destiny. They easily kill Black Dragons, Dark Dwarves, Vampires, Giants and other creatures that cause fear in the hearts of the good beings. Unfortunately, these monsters seem to be rather fast in multiplying. Other glory has the Phalanx seized in the annihilation of Evil Parties. The most ruthless and famous of them was the party Maximus. Three battles were fought. In the first three of the Phalanx young warriors were slain, in the second all four Maximus warriors were killed in the last the remainder of the party Maximus was slaughtered.

The Legendary and Mythical Heroes of the Phalanx

Ingwë the White
Leader of the Vanyar, the Fair Elves, in the voyage from Cuivienen to Valinor, the home of the gods. Skilled in the subtle arts of lightning strikes, fire flares and ice blasts, he was chosen as the leader and magus of the Phalanx.
Finwë the Wise
Leader of the Noldor, the Wise Elves, in the voyage from Cuivienen to Valinor. The Gods gave him great powers of healing and he often calls on the heavenly powers in battle.
Durin the First Dwarf
When the Seven Dwarvenlords came unto our world to take their place, the first of them was Durin, builder and ruler of the Mines of Moria. He has now once against risen to defend his people and his lands.
Dain Ironfoot
Family to Thorin Oakenshield and his successor as King under the Mountain. Dain has chosen to join the Phalanx wishing to free the Dwarves for once and for all from this goblins stealing their gold.
Thrain the last King of Dwarves
Father of Thorin Oakenshield, he suffered the tortures of Sauron for many years. Sauron took from him the last of the seven dwarven Rings of Power. Now he has picked up his axe again to fight his other evil monsters.
Elanor the Flower of the Forest
Daughter of Samwise Gamgee and renowned for her extraordinary beauty. Seemed to have inherited a certain interest in adventure and Elves. She joined the Phalanx not long ago and as healer she removes the injuries of the Dwarves.
Indis the Fair
Daughter of Ingwë and Wife of Finwë, Indis was one of the fairest Elves there ever was. Being a young but talented Mage, she joined up with the Phalanx when her father called her up to help fill in the lack of magic use of the Phalanx.
Elrond the Half-Elven
Great-great-great-grandson of Finwë and Indis, Elrond is the son of Eärendil the Mariner and Elwing. At the end of the First Era he and his brother Elros were given the choice of their race, since they had Elven and Human ancestors. Elros became the First King of the Numenoreans, the Humans of the West, Elrond chose to be Elven and became one of the Wise that would lead Middle-Earth through times of peril and darkness. After the fall of Sauron, he sailed to the West again as last of the High Elves. Ingwë enlisted Elrond because of his excellence in all skills that matter for the Elves. He is seen by many as the heir of Feänor.

The Heroes of the Phalanx who have too early left the lands of the living.

Feänor Curufinwë
Most valiant, gifted and skilled of all elvenkind, Feänor, oldest son of Finwë, was known as the greatest warrior, craftsman or archer the Elves have ever known. Many dwarves envied the beautiful craftwork that came from his hands and many elves envied the swift and accurate singing of his bow. Feänor means Spirit of Fire, Curufinwë means Skilled Son of Finwë. Now his bow has ceased singing, his sword is wielded no more. The Phalanx has sworn eternal vendetta on the doomed race of trolls.
Thorin Oakenshield
Last son of a house of dwarven kings, Thorin set out with twelve of his kin, Bilbo the hobbit and Gandalf the wizard to win back the treasure of the dwarves. They succeeded in killing the dragon Smaug but Thorin was slain during the battle. Dain inherited the titles and treasures of the Dwarven King. Yet Thorin was found eager to stand once more in the eternal battle between Good and Evil. First fallen in the Desert Caves of the New World, then reincarnated and together with Nain and Thror killed in the First Maximus-Phalanx Battle.
Nain from the Iron Hills
Father of Dain Ironfoot, slain by the Orc Azog. Returned to free the world from the darkness. Slain in the First Maximus-Phalanx Battle.
Thror King under the Mountain
Grandfather of Thorin, father of Thrain. Disappeared in Moria, presumed killed by Azog but risen again to stand with the Phalanx against Evil.Fallen in the First Maximus-Phalanx Battle.

As some people will notice, this party is slightly Tolkien-inspired. To read more about the legendary adventures, deeds and achievements of these heroes you should read the Silmarillion for Ingwë, Finwë, Feänor, Durin and Indis, the Hobbit for Dain, Thrain, Thror, Nain, Thorin and Elrond. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King for Elanor. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy for Elrond.