Deadly Force Probably The Best Party In The World

Hey everybody! Welcome to DF’s page!

This is finally my fully updated page. I put a lot of effort in it, as you obviously (hčhč) can see. I hope you enjoy
watching it… I actually hope SOMEONE is watching it, since the effort would have been really useless otherwise.
So if you have the chance of reading it, please send me a little message so I know anyone has seen it. 
Oh and even more important, I would also know if you like it and if I’ve done a good job…
Thanks a lot, people!
I apreciate it a lot!

Catch you later all!


I have nothing for sale anymore
Terribly sorry about that...
I do buy/sell all sorts of
QUEST ITEMS, so if you have/need any, feel free to PM me! Thanks a lot!

Here’s a small guide for all those who can use it:

The races
-If you want low AP-cost to travel around the world, dwarves are particulary good with carrying load of items and do most damage in melee :)
They tend to have weaker resistance against magical and curse-attacks though.
-Elves on the other hand, are very good for extra magic-defense (which is the toughest to train).
They're weak in carrying load, so the AP-cost goes up by a huge lot for them, but their attacks are not too inferior to the other races and their defense isn't half bad either.
-Hobbits have the advantage in herbloring and haggling, aswell as some nice extra missile- and melee- defense. Their melee-attack roll are a bit lower then dwarves, but still don't do too bad. They can carry more load then the elves, but not nearly as much as dwarves.
-Humans No advantages, no weaknesses. Nothing special ;) Not worth to choose, really.

The classes
-The magus can cast spells. This is obvious.
Elves have a nice magical boost here, so they make the best mages.
Mages don’t get extra attacks and are mostly usefull BEFORE an attack, when they boost your parties skills, and in the magical phase, where they cast their nice spells to do damage.
-Healers Their blessings are a nice way of making your party stronger before combat. Most parties have 1 healer for healing and another one for blessing. I prefere to use 1 healer for both, so he gets double the training!
The curses are not as important, but to lower the enemy defense, a curse agility isn’t bad, from time to time.
The holy wrath-spells may seem strong in the beginning of the game, but will never really do more damage, which is why you shouldn’t botter to use them.
Hobbits tend to make the best healers, while elves don’t do too bad either.
-The rogue . Well, there’s a nice useless class!
Rogues are very over-rated.
You don't need a rogue for your haggling and herbloring, as you better use your main warrior for it, so he trains more CLASS. Or another hobbit in your crew might do it instead.
Rogues have strong attacks in the beginning, but when dwarves get their 3th and 4th attack, the rogues will still be there with only 1.
1 attack trains slower than 4 attacks, since “the more you do, the more you train” and the rogues get behind really fast once you start leveling :)
-The warrior is the one who keeps the rest from being in melee-combat.
He will be up front, to do all the dirty work, while the rest is well protected in the back.
As I mentioned, if you're going to carry around lots of loot, make sure you have a dwarf. But even if it's an elf, they can still wear full plate to defend theirselves withouth too much problems :D
It's up to you ;) WEIGHT (dwarf) vs. MAGIC/CURSE DEFENSE (elf)
But make sure the dwarves are best fit for the melee.
-Rangers have been proved to level up faster in the back :D
Some try to use him as a melee-character aswell, but you should defenately pick a warrior then.
Putting him in the front is not worth it, since they get their second melee-attack at around level 125, while a warrior allready gets an extra one at level 75. They do get a nice extra ranged attack, every 30 levels though. These are the specialists in the ranged phase of combat.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I beat the game? Is there a final boss?
There's only a final level in the game, and no final boss, allthough the Astral Fungus from level 6 in the Astral Fortress is considered the toughest enemy.
Astral fortress is the last "dungeon", and it's huge :D
When you can beat it, you think you're done, but the fort has 5 more levels, each one a lot tougher then the last, lol.
If you can survive level 6 withouth dieing (a starting party wouldn't even have the time to flee, before they all die there) you have pretty much beaten the game.

You can beat the old world by defeating it’s boss though.
The Baby Black Dragon, deep down in Meriniver is not as tough as he sounds, but he is the boss from the old world.

What exactly does each score do?
First hint: Don't live by the manual.
Live by what I tell you, haha :D The manual has many flaws in it, hčhč.
Strength: How strong your melee-attacks are :) It also raises the damage from missiles, but that's a low, neglectable amount.
I also raises your max HP and how much you can carry.
Agility: Translation for speed :D
Allthough it has nothing to do with speed, lol. High agility helps you defens better. And it also raises your HP. But this is mainly the defense.
Magic: Obvously this raises the damage from magic attacks and your max mana-pool. Magic defense is helped here too.
Divinity: This is the same for healers as magic is to mages. Stronger blessings, stronger curses, stronger holy wrath (which you should never use) and stronger healing.
And instead of magic-defense, it helps against curses :)
Charisma: Mainly in the game to strengthen the haggling. High charisme gets you items bought cheaper (lowest you can go is 50% of the price) and sold for higher price.
It also raises the mana-pool and both magic and curse-defense (but less then magic and divinity).
Endurance: Raises max HP and lowers the cost of walking around a great deal.

Melee Skills: The higher your melee-skill you use, the higer the damage you do. This is a lot more important then the strength in calculating the damage-rolls.
Missile Skills: Same as the melee skills :)
Some guys (rangers) train bows faster, others (healers) do better with x-bows. The rest is about equal.
Defense Skills: I suppose they speal for theirselves, right?
Armour Skills: More important then agility are these. Plate has the highest defense, but is heavy. If you have level 100 in leather and level 5 in plate, wearing leather will help you defens more then a plate :) But by wearing the leather, your plate-skill will never raise. So I always wore plate so that skill raised more. Only warriors seem to raise fast in both chain and plate (equally fast).
Rangers do well in leather and chain, while mages and healers level up in leather a lot faster then the other material.
Streetwise: only for Gathering Rumours, which pretty much isn't needed for anything but the named and quest items that lie around in the game.
HerbLore: helps with gathering herbs.
Haggling: higher level equals lower cost to buy stuff and more proffits when selling stuff :D
At round level 100-120, you can buy items in the shops for half their value.
Class: NOW we're talking!
It's the "level" of your character.
Most important thing in the game!
More class = more actions. Someone with class= 5 can NEVER hit someone with class 100 in melee. So this is the best defence you can have, lol.
If you get class up to 300, you're unbeatable. Nobody ever had more then 306 (i believe the record was 306)!
Of course I have items that give a total of "316" class to my warrior, so the record is still relative. But still, even 200 pure class withouth item-boosts is really impressive!
Warriors get an extra melee attack, every 75 class (lvl 75= 2 attacsk, lvl 150= 3 attacks, etc...) Rangers get an extra missile attack, every 30 class. (lvl 30= 2, lvl 60= 3, etc...) and an extra melee-attack every 125 class.
Rogues get an extra melee, every 200 levels.
Mages and Healers just lower the cost for their skills when they raise in class, together with the spell-levels.
Only the spell levels and magic/divinity decide the damage (or healing) they do. Again, this is the most important "skill" in the game ;)

What are the minimal skill require to use better armor/weapon?
Do you really care? If you want to use a sword instead of an axe, you should just equip the sword, and fight. Doing less damage = longer fights = more training from the fight :D
And if you want to use the sword, you shouldn't think about how much damage you do NOW, but how much you will do later on, when you leveled up the skill.
And you can only level it up, by using it.

What missile weapon should each class use?
It depends to whatever you wish. I found out rangers level slightly faster in bows, healers level a tiny bit faster in x-bows. The rest goes the same speed.
Slings do less damage, but are lighter. X-bows do most damage, but weight most.
I allways looked at what named missile weapons I had available :)
For anything but the rangers, it doesn't really matter what missile you use. The others only have 1 attack anyway, and most of the time it sucks :D
So don't worry about that.
Only make sure you keep your rangers with the same missile-class all the time, so they level only the one they use...

I now have this party:
Knook Berserker Elite, a Hobbit Warrior:
An elf or dwarf would have been better, but I wanted to test this.
He's up front on his own, so he does all the melee!
If I put 2 people up there, they both only got 50% of the hits.
They would attack together and do 50% of the attacks each.
The fights would be over twice as fast, since they have twice as much actions (being with 2).
If enemies would do 10 attacks on me with 1 warrior up front, I now only get 5 attacks, because the fights are over faster.
This means each warior only gets 50% of the 50% hits.
If you don't want to die, use as much characters up front as you have.
But keep in mind that the more characters you have there, the slower they will train!
One warrior up front is risky, but he levels up hell-a-fast!
With the right retreat level, you can manage :D
It's better to run away from a fight you're not certain to win and survive, then to be bold and engage a risky fight and die!

Benny Arena Champion, Hobbit Ranger and Blitzey Gladiator King, Dwarf Ranger.
Both rangers with a bow.
They leveled everything at the same speed, except the hobbit was slightly better on the attributes, but it could have been luck ;)

Tes Storm Mistress, Ray BattleMage Arcanum, Pasha the Fire Devil, Slang the Snow Catcher and Marcus the Poison Lord:
All 5 are elven magus.
Each of them have every spell there is, but Tes uses PLB (power lightning bolt), Ray uses PMM (power magic missiles), Pasha is in charge of the PFB (power fire bolt), Slang uses PIB (power ice bolt) and Marcus comes in with a PAB (power acid bolt).
Just to have some difference in the attacks.
PLB and PMM are by far the strongets spells! PFB, PIB and PAB are equally strong, but inferior to the other 2.

Zeus Holy Intervention, a Hobbit Healer: He makes sure nobody dies.
His high level Combat Heal (Mass Heal) does wonders.
He also has all spells for healers available, including Bless Magic and Bless Divinity, and the curses of these two.

And last but not least, there is Max the Tools Master, a Dwarven Warrior who stand in the back.
As his name tells you, he is only there to carry all our gear. He will never fight in melee, since I only want 1 guy up front.
He's a dwarven warrior, since they can carry the most loot :) He does a fine job though! lol

Here’s the list of NAMED ITEMS I'm wearing. Thanks to Blitzed, Zeus, Masters of None and Infamous Infants for helping me with most of them!
(Go on, knock yourselves out reading!!!)

Knook: Axe of Dilibwyn (Charisma 6, Class 12, Cast Bless Divinity)
Benny: Mace of Cialath (Class 23, Leather 26, Paralyse 26)
Blitzey: Gloves of Rhelith (Magic 10, Class 21, Haggling 21)
Tes: Gloves of Raleb (Agility 6, Haggling 11, Power Lightning Bolt 9)
Ray: Staff of Gligor (Divinity 15, Sling 29, Bow 29, Staff 28)
Pasha: Mace of Hieli (Charisma 12, Agility 12, Improved Missile defence 23)
Slang: Sword of Sevilish (Power Ice Bolt 15, Power Lightning Bolt 15)
Marcus: Staff of Dwel (Class 12, MissileDefence 11)
Zeus: Mace of Lires (Agility 10, Divinity 10, Strength 11)
Max: Sword of Agrarebard (Divinity 15, Plate 28, Chain 25, Bow 26)

Knook: Plate of Poldan (Agility 10, Strength 10, Class 22)
Benny: Chain of Sevoiw (Staff 20, Class 17, Bow 19)
Blitzey: Plate of Zerand (Class 19, Axe 22, Plate 20)
Tes: Plate of Lothuldric (Endurance 7, Power Lightning Bolt 16)
Ray: Plate of Taotrem (Divinity 11, Magic 10, Strength 10)
Pasha: Leather of Chardosh (Magic 11, Charisma 10, Strength 9)
Slang: Plate of Kirach (Charisma 7, Power Ice Bolt 14)
Marcus: Chain of Legalemos (Magic 15, Staff 30, Haggling 28, MagicDefence 25)
Zeus: Chain of Jereliwyn (Divinity 10, Class 20, Cast Combat Curse Agility)
Max: Plate of Wamas (Strength 11, Charisma 10, Endurance 11)

Knook: Shield of Ybaliwin (Magic 10, Strength 10, Class 20)
Benny: Shield of Lothiebwyn (Magic 10, Class 17, Chain 18)
Blitzey: Shield of Haaregan (Endurance 11, XBow 19, Class 19)
Tes: Shield of Gwiredus (Charisma 11, Improved Melee defence 21, Power Lightning Bolt 22)
Ray: Shield of Kedaregan (Magic 15, Endurance 15, Paralyse 28, Improved Plate skill 29)
Pasha: Shield of Zican (Magic 13, Divinity 12, Shield 22)
Slang: Shield of Galenda (Axe 9, Power Ice Bolt 10, Mass Paralyse 11)
Marcus: Shield of Gwigord (Haggling 10, Improved Shield skill 13, Power Acid Bolt 12)
Zeus: Shield of Galaeron (Strength 11, Divinity 11, Charisma 11)
Max: Shield of Kedorenyth (Strength 15, Agility 14, Plate 26, Holy Wrath 26)

Knook: Sling of Noredon (Agility 11, Strength 11, Sling 21)
Benny: Bow of Coch (Agility 11, Endurance 11, Magic 9)
Blitzey: Bow of Alire (Agility 11, Charisma 11, Teleport 22)
Tes: Sling of Aserraloth (Sling 21, Streetwise 17, Power Lightning Bolt 22)
Ray: Sling of Sevaron (Agility 10, Endurance 10, Power Magic Missiles 22)
Pasha: Bow of Nerrand (Divinity 6, Magic 5, Haggling 9)
Slang: Sling of Gwalinidd (Divinity 11, Magic 10, Strength 9)
Marcus: X-Bow of Acigol (Magic 10, Combat Curse Strength 19, Combat Curse Endurance 19)
Zeus: X-Bow of Nydoectred (Agility 13, Divinity 13, Endurance 11)
Max: Bow of Aderic (Agility 15, Axe 26, Plate 27, MissileDefence 27)

Knook: Ring of Aserratrem (Divinity 10, Agility 11, Axe 21)
Knook: Ring of Onerilith (Charisma 10, Strength 9, Agility 11)
Knook: Ring of Zois (Bow 17, Class 20, Cast Combat Bless Magic)
Knook: Ring of Gwaligord (Axe 19, Class 17, Combat Bless Endurance 19)
Knook: Ring of Wardo (Agility 11, Divinity 10, Strength 11)
Knook: Ring of Cadoiseth (Class 18, Haggling 22, Mass Paralyse 17)
Knook: Ring of Aseder (Strength 6, Charisma 6, Class 11)
Knook: Ring of Gwoiw (Unarmed 21, Class 20, Fire Bolt 22)
Knook: Ring of Ibaomond (Magic 11, Divinity 11, Haggling 22)
Knook: Ring of Thilildric (Divinity 14, Charisma 14, Blunt 25, Town Portal 30)
Benny: Ring of Alorend (Strength 6, Charisma 6, Bow 13)
Benny: Ring of Cabard (Magic 4, Charisma 5, Endurance 4)
Benny: Ring of Arigonydd (Axe 21, MagicDefence 19, Improved Movement 22)
Benny: Ring of Acerraron (Magic 9, MagicDefence 17, Curse Agility 20)
Benny: Ring of Feidan (Strength 10, Agility 8, Bow 15)
Benny: Ring of Legilinydd (Divinity 10, MagicDefence 21, Bow 18)
Benny: Ring of Haaep (Agility 5, Divinity 4)
Benny: Ring of Siwyn (Agility 4, Class 9, Streetwise 8)
Benny: Ring of Agraem (Divinity 4, Chain 9, Identify 7)
Benny: Ring of Wicoaron (Agility 10, Bow 18, Curse Charisma 20)
Blitzey: Ring of Gaes (Strength 10, Blunt 22, Town Portal 19)
Blitzey: Ring of Gwewin (Haggling 22, Bow 17, MagicDefence 17)
Blitzey: Ring of Thaubard (Bow 11, Class 15)
Blitzey: Ring of Asirard (Bow 22, Improved Blade skill 21, Bless Divinity 19)
Blitzey: Ring of Thoabaen (MagicDefence 12, Bow 8, Combat Curse Charisma 10)
Blitzey: Ring of Miraynn (Agility 10, Plate 21, Holy Wrath 19)
Blitzey: Ring of Dutha (Strength 8, Endurance 8)
Blitzey: Ring of Afalip (Strength 10, MagicDefence 18, Combat Curse Magic 22)
Blitzey: Ring of Weanyth (Bow 28, Blunt 28, Haggling 30, Combat Bless Agility 28)
Blitzey: Ring of Laroadon (Magic 7, Divinity 7, Axe 15)
Tes: Ring of Mealoth (Endurance 9, Magic 11, Power Lightning Bolt 18)
Tes: Ring of Alaron (Streetwise 17, Blade 19, Power Lightning Bolt 22)
Tes: Ring of Legilat (Magic 10, Blunt 22, Combat Curse Charisma 22)
Tes: Ring of Afelinn (Magic 5, Charisma 6, Acid Bolt 13)
Tes: Ring of Galarenwan (Charisma 5, Magic 5, Shield 9)
Tes: Ring of Fi (MagicDefence 22, Blunt 22, Power Lightning Bolt 21)
Tes: Ring of Waliwyn (Strength 10, Unarmed 17, Sling 20)
Tes: Ring of Aligonydd (Agility 10, Magic 11, MissileDefence 17)
Tes: Ring of Agralibard (Charisma 9, Paralyse 22, Improved Bow skill 17)
Tes: Ring of Crirenn (Magic 10, Blade 18, Improved Sling skill 18)
Ray: Ring of Crilactred (Charisma 10, Strength 10, MeleeDefence 21)
Ray: Ring of Ibiawyr (Magic 6, Agility 7)
Ray: Ring of Asav (Blade 7, MissileDefence 8, Power Magic Missiles 12)
Ray: Ring of Sevilawin (Agility 11, Unarmed 22, Lightning Ball 22)
Ray: Ring of Dralinnor (Haggling 22, MissileDefence 19, Curse Endurance 19)
Ray: Ring of Griladon (Power Magic Missiles 11, Cast Improved Shield skill)
Ray: Ring of Ailasean (Haggling 25, Power Magic Missiles 24, Identify 21)
Ray: Ring of Herir (Charisma 9, Axe 19, Fire Bolt 20)
Ray: Ring of Ybinn (Magic 5, MissileDefence 11, Combat Curse Agility 10)
Ray: Ring of Drotrem (Strength 6, Magic 7)
Pasha: Ring of Eoweatlan (Magic 10, Agility 10, Improved Magic defence 22)
Pasha: Ring of Brelif (Magic 10, Strength 11, Power Fire Bolt 18)
Pasha: Ring of Lothaesean (Charisma 11, Bow 21, Power Fire Bolt 19)
Pasha: Ring of Eowaeloth (Charisma 11, Unarmed 21, Cast Improved Axe skill)
Pasha: Ring of Oneaw (Magic 11, MissileDefence 21, Improved Haggling skill 21)
Pasha: Ring of Guvudd (Agility 11, Leather 18, Improved Unarmed skill 19)
Pasha: Ring of Ocarennor (XBow 13, Power Fire Bolt 13)
Pasha: Ring of Cadaliv (Strength 8, Power Fire Bolt 16)
Pasha: Ring of Laraydric (Curse Magic 12, Power Fire Bolt 14)
Pasha: Ring of Friresh (Haggling 14, Power Fire Bolt 16)
Slang: Ring of Dali (MagicDefence 21, Power Ice Bolt 19, Curse Strength 17)
Slang: Ring of Crosean (Magic 6, Strength 4, Bless Endurance 9)
Slang: Ring of Perib (Charisma 7, Strength 9, Combat Curse Divinity 16)
Slang: Ring of Aborelgrin (Magic 9, Fire Bolt 18, Paralyse 20)
Slang: Ring of Gao (Divinity 9, Improved Leather skill 19, Combat Curse Strength 18)
Slang: Ring of Eriram (Haggling 21, MeleeDefence 20, MissileDefence 19)
Slang: Ring of Cirec (Charisma 5, Agility 6, Staff 11)
Slang: Ring of Thialin (Class 15, MagicDefence 12)
Slang: Ring of Coerd (Magic 7, Magic Ball 16)
Slang: Ring of Adwerd (Combat Curse Divinity 14, Power Ice Bolt 13)
Marcus: Ring of Galalitram (Charisma 11, XBow 18, Improved Leather skill 19)
Marcus: Ring of Arunyth (Magic 11, Chain 20, Lightning Ball 17)
Marcus: Ring of Ceit (Magic 10, Teleport 19, Bless Strength 17)
Marcus: Ring of Freimar (Divinity 9, Shield 21, Blade 20)
Marcus: Ring of Adaodan (Agility 11, XBow 17, Unarmed 21)
Marcus: Ring of Adyron (Charisma 11, Chain 22, Improved Streetwise skill 20)
Marcus: Ring of Galaolath (Divinity 10, Axe 17, Unarmed 20)
Marcus: Ring of Werralith (Agility 9, Shield 18, Bless Magic 21)
Marcus: Ring of Cadarerd (Strength 11, Chain 20, Streetwise 19)
Marcus: Ring of Adriea (Magic 7, Power Acid Bolt 13)
Zeus: Ring of Etoild (Divinity 9, Magic 9, Haggling 21)
Zeus: Ring of Ybelilath (Divinity 11, Bow 19, Bless Divinity 18)
Zeus: Ring of Thybaen (Endurance 11, Divinity 10, Improved Sling skill 22)
Zeus: Ring of Alelinidd (Divinity 9, MissileDefence 21, Holy Wrath 20)
Zeus: Ring of Heaseth (Divinity 11, Improved Leather skill 21, Lightning Bolt 20)
Zeus: Ring of Lav (Charisma 11, Chain 17, Plate 18)
Zeus: Ring of Tiralath (Unarmed 22, Staff 22, Class 17)
Zeus: Ring of Criawin (Divinity 10, HerbLore 19, Curse Charisma 18)
Zeus: Ring of Ibeal (Divinity 11, Bow 21, MeleeDefence 17)
Zeus: Ring of Cilitha (Strength 10, Divinity 10, Power Ice Bolt 20)
Max: Ring of Dreanidd (Magic 9, Endurance 11, Shield 20)
Max: Ring of Wav (Endurance 10, Blade 22, Improved Herblore skill 20)
Max: Ring of Wila (Endurance 10, Improved Blade skill 21, Combat Curse Agility 18)
Max: Ring of Zaedon (Endurance 9, Agility 10, Cast Fire Bolt)
Max: Ring of Criranidd (Endurance 10, Improved Movement 19, Improved Leather skill 17)
Max: Ring of Chaywyth (Endurance 10, Combat Bless Charisma 17, Cast Paralyse)
Max: Ring of Tarenn (Magic 9, Strength 10, Endurance 9)
Max: Ring of Abiac (Endurance 10, Strength 9, Improved Sling skill 20)
Max: Ring of Afiraldric (Endurance 9, Unarmed 19, Plate 18)
Max: Ring of Larauwyn (Endurance 10, Axe 19, Combat Curse Divinity 22)
Extra Teleporter: Ring of Beanad (Improved Missile defence 16, Cast Teleport)

Knook: Bracers of Lerrabwyn (Class 19, Shield 18, Combat Curse Strength 21)
Knook: Bracers of Thalebard (Agility 10, Class 21, Curse Endurance 22)
Benny: Bracers of Sevilimos (Class 12, Magic Ball 13)
Benny: Bracers of Astael (Class 18, Leather 20, Improved Movement 22)
Blitzey: Bracers of Adoinad (Charisma 9, Class 17, Improved X-Bow skill 18)
Blitzey: Bracers of Coemar (Magic 5, Axe 13, Class 11)
Tes: Bracers of Criracred (Class 20, Mass Holy Wrath 22, Power Lightning Bolt 21)
Tes: Bracers of Airash (Agility 6, Power Lightning Bolt 13, Acid Bolt 8)
Ray: Bracers of Iberactred (Charisma 11, Sling 19, MagicDefence 20)
Ray: Bracers of Oceadric (Charisma 11, Magic 10, Curse Agility 19)
Pasha: Bracers of Draywyn (Magic 6, MagicDefence 10, Magic Ball 13)
Pasha: Bracers of Legaebard (Charisma 9, Power Fire Bolt 18, Magic Ball 21)
Slang: Bracers of Priratlan (Magic 9, Agility 11, Streetwise 20)
Slang: Bracers of Kigodric (Magic 10, Charisma 9, Cast Combat Curse Divinity)
Marcus: Bracers of Acirawyn (Agility 11, Charisma 12, Curse Charisma 26)
Marcus: Bracers of Froactred (Strength 8, Power Acid Bolt 14)
Zeus: Bracers of Ibendal (Endurance 10, Class 18, Combat Curse Magic 17)
Zeus: Bracers of Fayn (Divinity 11, Magic 9, Agility 9)
Max: Bracers of Yerildan (Endurance 11, Agility 10, Curse Charisma 20)
Max: Bracers of Wicoeb (Divinity 10, Endurance 11, Strength 9)

Knook: Boots of Cyg (Agility 9, Strength 10, Class 19)
Benny: Boots of Gle (Strength 10, Class 21, Acid Bolt 19)
Blitzey: Boots of Aealdric (MagicDefence 18, Class 20, Improved Magic defence 21)
Tes: Boots of Ybael (Endurance 5, Power Lightning Bolt 13, Town Portal 11)
Ray: Boots of Olycred (Magic 11, Charisma 10, Staff 17)
Pasha: Boots of Agrunnon (MagicDefence 13, Power Fire Bolt 15)
Slang: Boots of Gwardoloth (Improved Haggling skill 15, Power Ice Bolt 16)
Marcus: Boots of Yerag (Magic 9, Class 19, Improved Axe skill 22)
Zeus: Boots of Adriliwyr (Divinity 9, Charisma 9, Class 20)
Max: Boots of Rhardoth (Endurance 11, Shield 21, MissileDefence 20)

Knook: Amulet of Thiregord (Strength 11, Charisma 11, Agility 11)
Knook: Amulet of Baledus (Class 18, MagicDefence 19, Holy Wrath 19)
Knook: Amulet of Astiadan (Magic 11, Class 20, Shield 18)
Benny: Amulet of Cendavudd (Class 17, Bow 19, Improved Axe skill 17)
Benny: Amulet of Waunyth (Class 12, Blade 10, Cast Power Ice Bolt)
Benny: Amulet of Lothewyth (Class 20, Shield 19, Blade 19)
Blitzey: Amulet of Gricred (Charisma 5, Agility 6, Class 10)
Blitzey: Amulet of Hilag (Magic 12, Class 22, Chain 24)
Blitzey: Amulet of Alalip (Class 15, Shield 16)
Tes: Amulet of Dwigo (Divinity 9, Plate 22, MeleeDefence 18)
Tes: Amulet of Bralib (Divinity 11, Strength 10, Power Lightning Bolt 22)
Tes: Amulet of Lotherrath (Power Lightning Bolt 13, Cast Improved Sling skill)
Ray: Amulet of Nydiremos (Divinity 9, Shield 21, Blunt 20)
Ray: Amulet of Aryli (Magic 9, Agility 11, Plate 19)
Ray: Amulet of Haos (Haggling 13, Power Magic Missiles 13)
Pasha: Amulet of Aoeld (Strength 11, Charisma 10, Bow 18)
Pasha: Amulet of Tharewyn (Charisma 11, Magic 9, MeleeDefence 18)
Pasha: Amulet of Abaler (Endurance 11, Divinity 10, Fire Bolt 22)
Slang: Amulet of Grigoth (Endurance 11, Charisma 10, Magic 9)
Slang: Amulet of Kedilinidd (Magic 11, MissileDefence 21, Curse Magic 17)
Slang: Amulet of Galeabard (Combat Curse Endurance 12, Power Ice Bolt 16)
Marcus: Amulet of Fardoc (Strength 10, Charisma 9, Improved Missile defence 20)
Marcus: Amulet of Dwaelin (MissileDefence 18, MagicDefence 22, Curse Agility 20)
Marcus: Amulet of Galuand (Improved Missile defence 11, Power Acid Bolt 13)
Zeus: Amulet of Pu (Divinity 11, XBow 25, Chain 25)
Zeus: Amulet of Areali (Class 21, XBow 18, Improved Shield skill 20)
Zeus: Amulet of Brendagord (Charisma 14, Divinity 15, MissileDefence 30, Curse Agility 28)
Max: Amulet of Aardoth (Endurance 11, Plate 21, Combat Heal 20)
Max: Amulet of Oloitram (Endurance 15, Strength 14, Shield 27, Improved Blunt skill 26)
Max: Amulet of Chardov (Endurance 13, Chain 29, MeleeDefence 29, Combat Bless Endurance 27)

Knook: Belt of Mireatram (Charisma 11, Agility 11, Class 20)
Benny: Belt of Sevelalith (Class 22, Improved X-Bow skill 19, Magic Missiles 17)
Blitzey: Belt of Alendaw (Magic 11, Agility 11, Class 17)
Tes: Belt of Ocemos (Magic 11, Agility 11, Improved Melee defence 24)
Ray: Belt of Biranad (Strength 11, Magic 11, MissileDefence 18)
Pasha: Belt of Zar (Magic 11, Class 18, Curse Charisma 20)
Slang: Belt of Ybim (Magic 4, Unarmed 13, Power Ice Bolt 8)
Marcus: Belt of Etirea (Endurance 14, Agility 13, Power Acid Bolt 25, Cast Improved Shield skill)
Zeus: Belt of Bilin (Agility 11, Divinity 13, Teleport 21)
Max: Belt of Nydiramond (Endurance 13, Strength 13, Improved Leather skill 26)

Knook: Cloak of Rharebard (Agility 11, Magic 10, Class 20)
Benny: Cloak of Adyr (Class 20, Staff 17, Fire Ball 17)
Blitzey: Cloak of Riralgrin (Class 26, Improved Bow skill 26, Curse Endurance 21)
Tes: Cloak of Olaec (Magic 11, MissileDefence 19, Improved Sling skill 20)
Ray: Cloak of Wicaogan (Class 19, Lightning Ball 18, Power Magic Missiles 18)
Pasha: Cloak of Beabwyn (Divinity 10, Agility 11, Improved Sling skill 18)
Slang: Cloak of Astat (Agility 10, Magic 11, Strength 9)
Marcus: Cloak of Vera (Magic 11, Charisma 11, Chain 17)
Zeus: Cloak of Cauch (Magic 10, Divinity 10, Strength 10)
Max: Cloak of Freritlan (Strength 9, Endurance 10, Divinity 9)

Knook: Earring of Agromar (Divinity 9, Class 17, Heal 22)
Knook: Earring of Lira (HerbLore 20, Class 22, Improved Blunt skill 18)
Benny: Earring of Sardow (Magic 11, Class 19, Chain 20)
Benny: Earring of Astip (Agility 9, Class 20, Magic Missiles 22)
Blitzey: Earring of Rhuwyn (Endurance 9, Class 20, HerbLore 18)
Blitzey: Earring of Laroiwyr (Class 14, Bow 15)
Tes: Earring of Zand (Charisma 11, Axe 20, Power Lightning Bolt 17)
Tes: Earring of Trilanyth (Staff 11, Power Lightning Bolt 12, Improved Shield skill 11)
Ray: Earring of Cadendamar (Agility 11, MagicDefence 22, Blade 18)
Ray: Earring of Galerigord (Magic 4, Improved Melee defence 8, Power Magic Missiles 8)
Pasha: Earring of Erardobaen (Magic 11, Agility 11, Improved Sling skill 20)
Pasha: Earring of Ety (Strength 14, Agility 14, Blade 25, Power Fire Bolt 27)
Slang: Earring of Chialoth (Agility 13, Charisma 14, HerbLore 27, Improved Missile defence 30)
Slang: Earring of Ereli (Charisma 11, Magic 11, HerbLore 18)
Marcus: Earring of Rel (Charisma 11, Agility 11, XBow 22)
Marcus: Earring of Afendalath (XBow 14, Power Acid Bolt 14)
Zeus: Earring of Aoetrem (Divinity 10, Class 20, Cast Paralyse)
Zeus: Earring of Mirilatram (Charisma 14, Divinity 15, Leather 26, Fire Ball 25)
Max: Earring of Nuth (Endurance 15, Agility 14, Magic Missiles 28, Cast Acid Bolt)
Max: Earring of Chilanwan (Endurance 10, Agility 9, Strength 10)

Well, I must admit it took ages for this set to be complete. But if you have something that seems better then one of these, let me know!

And if you need stuff, just ask ;)

(oooooh, fear me, i can TEACH "OTHER SPELLS". ladida)
Well, all the scrolls there are, are available for free, except those from the NW

Scroll of learn Acid, Ice, Fire and Lightning bolt
Scroll of learn Power Fire, Power Acid, Power Ice and Power Lightning Bolt
Scroll of learn Fire, Acid, Lightning, Magic and Ice Ball
Scroll of learn Improved Blade, Staff, Blunt, Axe, Unarmed,Bow, XBow, Sling,
Meleedefence, Missiledefence, Magicdefense, Shield, Leather, Chain, Plate, Streetwise, Herblore and Haggling skill
Scroll of learn Improved Movement, Identify, Teleport and Town Portal
Scroll of learn Magic Missiles, Power Magic Missiles, Fighting Sword, Paralyse and Mass Paralyse
And finally for your healer: Scroll of learn Mass heal (aka Combat Heal)
Scroll of learn Bless Divinity, Scroll of learn Curse Divinity

I no longer have them all in stock, but just ask me if you need a scroll, allright?

(who said a warriors can't cast magic! Ok, zeus did… so what!!!)

Well, I have all possible wands around, I guess ;) No need to make a list. Just tell me if you need one ;)

PM me, if you're interested! I'll send you my location or even bring it myself if I have the time.
I also wanted you to know I identify YOUR magical items for free, if you I’m around
Thats all, just like that ;p

This was my first party of jolly adventurers ;)

I dedicate all my future travels to Bliwwie. He died in astral, after drinking a whole bunch of potions. So he was so drunk, he never felt any pain… He was a Hobbit Rogue and was named after my best friend.

Rest now brave warrior, you have fought with honor and bravery and died in the most honorable way, you have always been an example to follow, you will now find the paradise your brave soul deserves. We will never Forget you, rest in peace Bliwwie…
i miss you, mate!

This is Wimpie, the well trained Dwarven Warior. He once drank a wrong potion, and as you can see, it made him look … terrible.
He thanks his name to his creator (my name, being Wim too :p) and well, as for now, he’s the best warior I have…

Then there’s Doc, an Elven Healer. He’s studdied medicine at the university of Leuven (Belgium) and Health-Science at the university of Maastricht (Holland).
He’s one of the few healers that actually use herbs. He learned this in Holland of course. Mountain Grass is what he prefers, allthough he also can appreciate some Mystic Shrooms now and then…

Number 4 is the first Mage I had. Nozem, the Elf, knows how to bring us to towns, how to improve our movement, he can identify stuff, but with his record in Power Lightning Bolt, he sure knows how to battle too.
The word NOZEM is some kind of insult we use among friends. It also means someone who rides a motorike, has long hairs and destroys stuff… I guess that’s why he likes to improve our movement this much, so he gets gets th wind blowing in his hair too…

The last character who was in my first starting party is Knook, another Dwarven Warior. Short as he is, he’s one hell of a great axe-weilder! He’s the youngest of the long royal race of Dwarves, and he had to become the new king, but ruling a country from a trown is just nothing for him. He left the palace to become a rockhard warior, and up till now, he did a great job. We go visit the palace from time to time now, if we’re short of food.
His name is, yet again, an insult, we only use amongst a verry tight group of friends. It also means Bone, but I just didn’t want any of my characters with the nickname Boner or something :)

With 2 wariors in front allready, I figured some more magic would be apreciated in my crew. That’s why we recruited S0uLrAp0R, a powerfull Magus. With his Magic Ball, this Elf can wipe out entire civilisations. It does cost him a lot of energy to cast, but it sure is worth it.
His name comes from my second best friend, who happens to be Bliwwie’s brother. Great guy, allthough he smokes a little bit too much of his own herbs from time to time…

While exploring in the deep dungeons, we found a verry old lost Dwarf. He once fought with a great crew, wich got slain by the mighty Black Dragon. BoErEkOoL joined us, and with this new strong Warior in the front, we could set sail for a long adventure, wich brought us to half a year of inactivity…
BoErEkOoL is the nickname if my cousin. We’re very very close, and well… we look a ot alike… Both real girl-players, allthough he’s the only one still single. (if you can call ‘every day another hot chick’ single, that is.)

When we came back from far away, half a year later, someone came living in our house. “She ate from my plate”, Bliwwie said. “She slept in my bed”, SoUlRaPoR uttered. “Lets kill her”, Knook s said, and we went to look for her. When we rushed at the female Elf, we had to retrive, because we were surrounded by millions of arrows. We couldn’t move as if we were paralyzed. We still don’t know if it was from her beauty or from the Mass Paralyze spell this pretty Mage knows. Good for us, she was well able to control her Power Magic Missiles.
After appoligizing for our dumb behaviour, Wimpie went upstairs with her, to ‘talk’ and from that moment on, she never left the group anymore. I guess Wimpie knows how to talk pretty good, right?
Her name Jessie is the name my real life love wears. She’s a great girl, and well…
I love her with all my hearth. (yeah, even more then I love SfP! Imagine that!)

Everybody kept on talking about how good Rangers are. In Deadly Force there weren’t any of those yet. We looked… We searched… We checked every corner of the Old World. Ad finally, we found him. He was about to leave the place for good, but we were finally able to convince him to stay, and stick around in DF. This little Elven dude is no less then a legend around here…
The name Blitzy is obviously taken from my collegue and good friend Blitzed (26166). I ow him so much, he’s done a lot for me in this game. Thanks a lot bro, and may our pathways cross again, once more later on…
Take care out there in that big world. This one’s for you, hun!

With 9 members in our party, we quickly needed a last one to round up a but. 10 we will be and 10 we will remain. 3 mages are plenty for magic. 1 ranger wich was still on a low level, but allready had 3 missile-attacks would do fine too in the back. 3 wariors and a rogue are fine enough in the front, and 1 healer seems to be strong enough to maintain the entire crew. While training Blitzey in the dungeon for his first time, we noticed there was a small Elf fighting on his own too. He was equiped as a Warior and had a lot of skills too. We sent Blitzey with him to train, and level up, untill they were as high as the others. Those last ones would be waiting at the bar, drinking, drinking and then for the change a bit more drinking…
The latest character’s name seemed to be SLaNGSTeR, wich comes from my AF-best friend Slangi. He diserved to become a member of my crew too, so from now on, he’ll be one of us…

And last but defenatly not least, there’s THE DOG. He is… well… a Pet and is a mix of all kinds of races. We’ll discribe him as Bastardious Streetdog. Because of that, we (for some strange reason) named him ZEUSKE. And we all know the reason is that when you reverse the word DOG, you get GOD, right ;) Nothing to do with being a bastard.
He just showed up, and started following us. We fed him, and well… We had Doc cure him from all the diseases he had, and now he roams with us wherever we go. Alerting the enemy with his barking, but without success, since the enemy won’t run far…

Deadly Force (14985)