Herbs......all herbs,good for any one got small,middle need(1-1000)only 1 gold each(i must dump out every herb or i can;t move..)
|	Travels-Fishermens Friendship    |---------------------North mountian-----------|
|	       |                         |                         |	    |	        |	
|	Middle point---------|           |                     Forest Lake Laguna----   |
|	       |             |           |                         |                 |  |
|	Farmers Delight---bayside---North point                 Lone Hill--------    |  |
|	        |             |                                    |            |    |  | 
|	Forest Entrance  Desert Edge--Elven Nation-Clam Water-Clean water---Lone Farmer |
|	       |									|
|------	Wild Waters  									|
             |                                        |---------------------------------|
        wild shark                                deep water-New world
             |                                        |
        Wild Plain-Forest of Light-dangerous hill-safe harbor
                          |                           |
                   South Mountain                 Open water   
                          |                           |
                   South Point------------------------|

I suggest any one want save money and ap on newbie dungeon,you can follow this
got a lot goblin ears in Goblin hill(x17,y23) near Forest Lake and want to get reward
travel to North Mountian and kill lots Orcs in Orc Cave(x11,y28)
then go to deep water-safe harbor-open water-south point and get rid of all the orc ears.
then get to south mountain to get reward of goblin ears. and fight though kobold kave(x14,y9)
then get to Forest of light-wild plain-wild shark to get money for kobold ears
and come back to forest lake to buy things from ducks by get to wild water-forest entrance-farmers delight-bayside-north point-north mountain(of couse do some killing staff)-forest lake
so the whole Traveling thing cost (number of party member*170)gold and 170AP
like me gona cost 850 gold in traveling
The better ways are:
1.sell the body part to someone else(If you alaways stay in goblin hill better sell them to duck in Forest lake, collect 1000 and get 4500)
2.get a magic called teleport
3.walk(cost more AP,maybe you can find some player load to much so get killed by a kobold in the way:)
4.give to some one for free(better then drop on ground)
never do a fool thing like this:
put all the weapon down,get into some enemy,and be hit to get defence skill
It cast me a kill 5 goblin gaurd easily warrior died by 4 guard attack!
and there are some word from moosjes(15292)
train best not train everythings.