The Crimson Warriors are a motley group of adventurers looking to make a name for themseves. They are currently 5 members of The Crimson Warriors: David: A 'young' 196-year-old elf gifted with strong magical powers. Raised by humans, David served in the Vale Town Guard for 50 years, until Archflavius came and attack the town, forcing everyone there to abandon their homes. David then created The Crimson Warriors to fight Archflavius and his monsters. Crystal: David's lover. Crystal saved David from a group of bandits that wiped out most of the Crimson Warriors. Now, 47 years later, the two are married and still fighting for survival. Issac: After having his family slaughtered at the hands of orcs, Issac set out for revenge. However, he quickly found that he can't do it alone, so he joined a band of adventurers. Jessica: A young sticky-fingered hobbit. One day David found her going through his pockets, and chased after her. David and company chased after her, only to find themselves in a den of theives! A huge fight insured, resulting in a wounded Jessica being captured by The Crimson Warriors. But after hearing Jessica's tail of woe, David took pity on Jessica and invited her into The Crimson Warriors. Rebecca: This pretty human once worked as a priestess. However, a band of rogues (the same one jessica was moxed up with) was extorting money from her. The Crimson Warriors attacked the rogues (again!), but in a retaliation strike, the rogues drove Rebecca out of the city. With no place to go, Rebecca decided to join David on his journey. Diary: December 19, 4007 Today we set out on our quest. Here's hoping all will go well! December 29, 4007 We fought our 100th battle since we set out on our quest. So far we haven't lost anybody. January 1, 4008 Jessica got killed by monsters! Luckly we were able to get her to a powerful healer to get her revived. Unfortunately, the revification process weakened her, so we will have to have her train again. Out of Character: My names on the other games are as follows: GangWar: Werewolf Mafia Strive for Power: Crimson Warriors Space Conquest: The Rebelliants Adventures Fame: Caliban Gringe Virtual Online Wrestling: Stryker