Here's some big tips for you youngsters wanting to take on the world:

1. Read the Player Manual on the left side of the screen. Nothing worse than being asked the same questions by every wannabe adventurer straight off the farm.

2. Don't sign the Book of Blood. Once you do, you can't go back, and there's nothing worse than thinking you're getting somewhere and having someone like The Minstrels come a'calling while you're resting in town.

3. Make sure you set your combat settings for all your spellcasters - this is doubly important if you go crazy and sign the Book of Blood.

4. Shop around for herbs, especially if you're Mage heavy. There are a few kind parties who sell herbs cheap, so save your gold for recruiting and buy in bulk off the travelling gardens.

5. Remember to skill up all your adventurers as closely as possible. Too many fast kills from magic means that you'll have powerful Magi and your warriors won't have advanced beyond their basics much at all. Don't be afraid to play catchup, and take the herbs from the Magi to let the warriors do the hard work for a change (pick your targets though).

6. Don't forget your magical defenses. Go hunting for things that cast spells back at you...very important if you plan on visiting the New World, and triply important if you sign the Book of Blood.

7. Read. The. Players. Manual.

Oh, Travelling Minstrels are we!
A travelling band we be!
We travel in seach of adventure so thrilling
And spend all our time a'fighting and killing
The Minstrel's life for me!

Happy hunting!

And a big thanks to FireEye_6, for being my 500th party combat. And to Nazi for attacking me and being my 600th Keep signing it folks - the Minstrels are happy to pay you a visit in town while you're asleep.