Grand Arch Lords of the Sith

................ New ................ Sith ................ Order

ArchLord Darth Syko
Leader of this band of mystical spellcasters. He is incapable of fearing anything.

ArchLadyLord IvXen
Second in command of this band of Mystics. And protoge of Arch Lord Darth Syko.
The Lady Lord is a focused, rapidly advancing, powerful, student of her Lord.

Lord Darth Kragnaught
Another student of Arch Lord Darth Syko. He is intelligent, but his forte lies
in his incredible physical strength, physical skills, and physical power.

LadyLord Darth Lurrrg
This very young Lady is a student of Lady Lord Darth IvXen. She is still learning.
There exists strong, potent, untapped potiential power in her.

ArchLord Darth YorMah
He is really a Grand Arch Lord, but hides it, appearing as an Arch Lord
intstead. He would appear as an even lesser power, but he cannot because of the unnatural,
astronomical power he is a supeream master of. The original teacher of the one and only
Arch Lord Darth Syko. He travels as backup, stepping in only when absolutly necessary.

The Story...

Will be told soon.

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