Who is this Obvious Troll?

What is the Troll's Bane?

Once a party of young would-be adventurers was treking through the mountains, hoping to find the legendary tower therein, when they were set upon by a troll, instead.

Lacking the martial or magical skills to tackle such a beast, the team paniced and fled till they found themselves at the edge of a cliff, looking down to a raging river far below.

Gritting their teeth for final stand, the warriors drew their weapons and the casters prepared their final spells. The beast approached and one of the warriors, a dwarf named Stubbins, rushed to meet his fate.

But Stubbins misjudged the troll's speed and instead of slamming his axe into the trolls head, he crashed into the troll's knee at full speed. The troll tripped and with a mighty pratfall tumbled over the cliff behind the party.

Ever since the party has proudly claimed the title of "Troll's Bane" although Stubbins does not like to discuss his role in the adventure.