Here are some my discoveries along with others not clearly mentioned in the player pages
Class Discoveries:
1)Class (also refered to as lvl) has been concidered the most important skill one can attain for any given char. Now the question is how do we get it? A)For the warriors of the new players (or any player) the best way to gain class is by first full blessing one's warrior, setting high retreat lvls and then fight RELATIVELY challenging monsters. Notice I bold the "word relatively". Meaning monsters challenging to you and suicidal to others. For the new player this would be goblins at goblins hill (17,23). Fighting challenging monsters will help you gain you stats easily. However, if they are "too challenging" then the only thing you will train are your healers and then possible put your enter party in danger (if your warriors are beaten)
B)Healers And Magi. Now with these chars it is quite obvious on how to increase their stats. Cast there spells! What also helps is if you fight monsters which use magic and missile attacks. If they only use melee then your back row will end up lagging, especially if you don't need to cast spells frequently. Out of the last statement was the tip! If you don't need use spells frequently you can still increase class by just fighting monsters with magic and missile attacks.
C)Rangers. This class can be placed in the front or in the back. From personal experience the back row seems to be the wiser choice for this char. The skills you will notice him lvl up for the most are bow and missile defence. One of these two skills can't really be controlled and that is the bow skill as missiles are constantly fired in missile phase. Missile defence however you do have control over. Thus if you have a ranger, healer and/or magi focusing more on monsters which fire missile would be even better for your party.
D)Be aware of magic. If you are constantly using magic and are not engaging in melee attacks your warriors will suffer greatly!
Stats Discovery:
How do I increase MP you ask? For healers every divinity point + every class point + every charisma point = your mp. You can go calculate it right now by adding the class divinity and charisma of your healer and that will be the mp points that you have. For your magi the only difference is that you add magic and not divinity. So to answer the question, you increase MP by increasing these stats. Class is easy as it has already been explained. By casting spells often you will increase in magic or divinity. I don't have any knowlegde as to how exactly charisma is increased.
Party discover:
Would you like to have a nice big party? Kill all the monsters quick and easy? Well sorry to tell you but large parties are quite ineffective (contrary to the manual). Infact 2 warriors 1 healer and 1 magus are all one really needs for a party. The reason for this you ask? When you have 2 healers instead of one, at first it is a great advantage as you spend (or waste) a lot less ap than someone with only 1 healer would. However, the person who decides to have 1 healer is training one and only ONE healer. All the training goes to him instead of being divided among 2. Thus in the end a party using only one healer may get buffers 2 times greater than those with 2 healers (it's just simple math people!) For this same reason you only need 2 warriors. If you had more the 2 warriors would get less damage and that would decrease the amount of stats they gain. For the magus the situation can be even worse. If you decide to have 3 magi then to put them in use you would mostly need to give them all magic phases. This weakens the monster considerably, therefore the melee phase will be shortened. The business of boosting skill is also a problem as the stats gained will have to be shared amongst each of them.
More skills = more class. This is a theory I am working on and will later try to get proven. The theory is self-explainatory. This means that your class will be higher for any given char. if they are being trained in more skills. For example, a warrior with a sheild should have more class than one using a 2-hand battle axe even though the 2-hand battle axe does more damage. Also if proven correct that would mean you could increase the class of a lagging character by having it multi-sell items. Giving it haggling skills and thus more class. So far it has been proven correct, although I have some doubt in terms of a ranger when placed infront row. The question as to whether or not it will slow your party down is a FIRM yes. It most definately will. However the question as to if it will gain more class if placed upfront is questionable.
4) Training technices
Train by monster combats rather than just by ap spents. Some people prefer to train warriors 1 at a time rather having them all upfront.A reason for this is because there are monsters which are too strong for them to fight and others slightly weak - average. So 1 warrior is placed upfront as a form of peparation for stronger monsters. If you decide to do this then keep your retreat lvl in mine.
Here I will enter (and continue to enter) common questions which I believe have not been answered by other player pages
Question:Should I give my rouge/ranger chain mail and remove the leather?
Answer:No. They wonít level up as fast as in leather so itís best to leave them with it.
Question:It has taken me a while to get myself a plate. Should I remain with the chain or cross over to plate?
Answer:Depending on how high your skills are in chain you should remain. I would say if your skills in chain are over 80 then it would probably be easier if you simply remain with chain. If itís below that then by all means convert. You may notice that you are slightly weaker at first but in time that will all change.
Question:I just got a new warrior(or other fighter) and it keeps getting all the damage and dying. What should I do?
Answer: Well that is quite simple. Place him alone in the front row and train him. Remember to increase retreat level. That way you give him all focus and attention
Question: I sold all my junk and got rid of extra spell components but I still find that my load factor is a bit high. Why is that?
Answer: If you are carrying a lot of gold thatís your answer. Gold does have weight, remember that.
Question: Logged off inside a dungeon and now Iím surrounded by large groups of monsters. What do I do?
Answer: Well if your reading this after you made an unwise choice then sorry about your lose. Now here is what you do if this situation hasnít happened to you yet. Put retreat level to 100 and give all the boosts you can. Now as you are retreating as soon as the battle begins you have greatly increased your chances escape.
Question: How do I know if my party is as strong as it should be (for whatever ap spent)?
Answer:Under the link for messages to the left of your screen you will see rankings. Click the link. After the page has loaded you will see both historical and current rankings. go to current rankings. and place in the amount of ap you have spent and choose 5 characters per category. You can then judge yourself by comparing stats with others.
Question: Should I use herblore?
Answer: NO. Herblore is a waste of ap. It would be much better to buy the spell components you need from towns rather than spend tons of ap getting several spell components that you donít use or need to use. Herblore should only be used (in my opinion) if you are without money and are in need of spell components for your magus. If you are doing it to raise the class of your ranger, keep in mind that you are only raising his class, where as if you spent it fighting monsters you could probably gain the same amount of class from the herblore and train your other characters. Using herblore to sell spell components to younger parties is also a bad idea. The chances of finding a decent market to buy your spell components are slim, thus you would make little money and waste much ap.
Question: Do magic items affect the rate at which I get stats?
Answer: Not really. It just means you can fight tougher monsters.
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This list will be updated as soon as possible Special thanks must be given to deadly force and blitzed