Dont know when and dont know how but that was then and this is now.  -The Story of Dark Crest

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Name: Loor Zadaa
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: June Fourteenth
  • Brother: Havok
  • Mother: Osa Zadaa(Dead)
  • Father: Unknown

Loor was born on a tropical Archipelago called Luzvisminda, in a small village called Ulo'ngapo. The island she was born on was called Luzon. First of all, to know about Loor, you must know about Luzvisminda. In Luzvisminda, varies tribes live there in harmony. It has beautiful crystal clear waters, small forests and great fishing places. Loor's village itself was established at a bay called Subic because of this. Although, Luzvisminda was cut off from the rest of the world, until a human explorer landed on it's shores. Unfortunately for Loor, that is where the trouble begins. Loor belongs to the tribe called Zadaa, that is why it is her last name. During the rain season, the Zadaa tribe decided to relocate to the Village of Cebu, where two other tribe called Lapulapu and Magellan lived. The three tribes did not know each other vary well, but it is in their nature to be hospitable and welcoming to each other. This was not the case, since a human explorer had set shore in Cebu near the Magellan tribe. The human and his small band of soldiers, was sent to conquer lands under his king's name, and he tried exactly that by convincing the Magellan tribe to join his small army, using things like liqour, pots, and pans in return for his services. The Zadaa tribe was caught up at the last battle between these tribes, although this was found out after the battle. The Lapulapu did not attack the Zadaa, but because of this, the Magellans thought the two were the same. A battle followed in which all parties experienced heavy casualties, but in the end, the Magellans lost when the Lapulapu leader killed the Magellan leader. It is at this point in which Loor is seperated with her little brother. The human explorer and a couple of soldiers decided they were to return home when their defeat became obvious, and as they did, they took women and children with them to be slaves and one of those children was Loor. A soldier grabbed her by the arm and dragged her away kicking and screaming all the way back to the Gallion in which the human arrived on. During the confussion after the Magellan leader died, someone noticed the soldiers dragging away people and tried to tell everyone to stop them. Only a few heard, and one of them was Havok as he saw his sister being dragged away.
Havok ran through the panicking people, and chased after the soldiers back to their gallion, in which he stabbed the hand of the soldier that had his sister. After that, Loor ran fast away, never looking back until she reached the Lapulapu village and with the rest of her people.
At this time, she realized she left Havok behind...Later on she will find out her mother has been killed during the battle.

Name: Havok Zadaa
Race: Human
Class: Thief
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: September Fourth
  • Best Friend: Zoey "Stray" Cresta (Human/Age:15)
  • Sister: Loor
  • Mother: Osa Zadaa(Dead)
  • Father:Unknown

Havok was born on a tropical Archipelago called Luzvisminda, in a small village called Ulo'ngapo. The island he was born on was called Luzon, and he belonged to a tribe called Zadaa. Luzvisminda had many tribes, crystal clear waters, small forests of bamboo, and great fishing places.

Most of Havok's story is irrelevant until up to the point in which he rescue's his sister from a soldier and then clubbed unconcious by a mob.
When he woke up, his arms were chained to the wall at the very bottom area of the Gallion. The ship anchored at the docks of a busy medieval town during high noon, at this time Havok and a couple of other people that were kidnapped, were finally brought out of the ship, chained to each other by the wrists, and sold one by one to interested costumers, never to hear from each other again.
It was innevitable that Havok would be sold as a slave, but what was surprising was who bought him. As Havok looked at the ground exhausted, a girl wearing dark baggy paints, and a baggy long sleeved hooded shirt stood infront of him and lazily stared with her bright green eyes. "I'll take this one" the girl said, and Havok was whisked away in a blur of transactions, clattering of chains, and swearing. The next thing Havok knew, a rope was tied around his neck and the girl was holding the other end. As the girl dragged him off, they made a pass behind the merchant that was selling him, and the girl took a hefty bag of coins from the man and continued to walk away until they came upon a dark alley and stopped at a hidden metal door.
A voice was heard from inside, "What's the password?", then the girl turned around to look at Havok and for the first time he could see her face without abstraction. She had a light dark tan, red hair and those bright green eyes, she looked like she was ten years old, a year younger than Havok. "So, are you ready?" she asked.

Four years passed, and Havok and the girl which was named Stray grew to be best friends. Stray had bought Havok since the clan of thieves she belonged too were looking for new recruit. The alley she took Havok too was the hideout of the Rogue Alley Thieves (RATs for short) which was the Thief Clan Stray belonged to. It is here where Havok grew up, with all the other thieves of this new city he lived in, learning the tricks of the trade. The RAT's were very skilled thieves, so much so that no one knew that they existed. All RAT's wore the same thing Stray was wearing, this was a kind of uniform for them. (Havok is wearing the Death-Stalker Robes in his profile picture.) Afcourse all good things must come to an end, and it happened with the destruction of Stray and Havok's friendship.
Stray and Havok grew too close and this is where the problem begins. It was an unspoken fact at the "RAT den" that the two were destined for each other, this was strengthened by the fact that they did infact like each other in that way but neither of them had to courage to tell the other. The sad thing was, it almost happened and as you can probably tell, it did not end to well.
Havok and Stray were robbing a local bank and ran off with the money as an army of guards chased after them. The two split up in two different directions with Havok carrying the money bag and met back again infront of a Bar. When the two finally met, they hugged each other glad that they had succeeded, except this innocent hug had lasted longer than it should have. The two suddenly let go of each other, suddenly realizing the truth. The two looked at each other with shy eyes. At that time, a guard from the bank grabbed Havok by the neck and threw him in a crowd of his friends. Stray ran away fast, following the route that was tought to her just in case such an event would happen, and went back home, without the gold.
Havok picked the lock of the cell he was held in and went back at the Alley way in which located the door inside the RAT's home. When he went inside, he found Stray sobbing on the worn sofa, with a crowd of people around her. "It's O.K. Zoe, he's right here" said a stranger from the crowd. Stray suddenly looked up to see Havok walking up to her and about to hold her in his arms, until suddenly she slapped him. Havok stood motionless, and the room fell silent, Stray screamed at the top of her lungs, "You lost the gold!". Another stranger in the room called out "But a moment ago you mourned for him". Havok replied calmly, "I'm sorry Stray, I'll get it back".
Havok walked out of the RAT hideout for the last time, and ran towards that Pub at which he was mugged and arrested. He found no trace of the bag of gold, although he knew it wouldn't be there.
Havok, with nothing better to do, decided to get a drink at the pub...He didn't know this was when his life would change once again.

Name: Gul'Thak "Gunny" Qualdelmrad Meymroc of the Western Territories
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Class: Warrior
Gender: Male
Age: 567 (For dwarves of the Western Territories, he's in his 50's in human terms.)
Birthday:August Sixteenth
  • Best friend: Pendragon
  • Brothers: Dopey,Grumpy,Happy,Bashful,Sneezy,Sleepy. (Listed from youngest to oldest, with Gunny being 3rd eldest.)
  • Sister: Amethist(Human/Age:32)
  • Father: The Malevolent Mountain King
  • Mother:The Merciless Mountain Queen


Gul'thak was one of the seven sons of the Malevolent mountain King and the Merciless Mountain Queen, who ruled the great kingdomw inside the mountain which was closed off with large cement doors. The seven dwarves would usually commit horrid acts at each other for favour of the king's thrown when he passes away, and it was for this reason that the Queen put a bounty on all of their heads, swearing to hunt them down to the ends of the world, forcing them to hide as miners to earn money to bribe everyone off their head, at a nearby cave and live with each other in a cabin.
The seven dwarves carried on, hoping to one day be forgiven by the deeds that they have done. One day a fair human maiden with long dark hair, and snow white skin, ran panickly through the wood's and end up unconcious at the doorstep of their cabin. Learning from past mistakes, the seven dwarves took care of the woman and adopted her as their sister. When the woman woke up, she told them about how she was the princess of this far-away kingdom and how a witch was chasing after her so that the kingdom would have no ruler, the witch almost succeeded too thanks to an enchanted apple she almost ate, unfortunately, she took a bite of it before realizing this and forgot her real name. (Though she never really knew how she knew it was enchanted.) So the dwarves decided to give her a new name, which was Amethist. With this in mind, the dwarves swore to protect her until she decided to leave but to no avail, an old woman came knocking during the night and asked for a place to stay. This woman was the witch and during the night, she set a spell of eternal sleep to the princess. Maddened with rage, the seven dwarves attacked the witch only to dissapear in a poof of smoke. Her cackily voice echoed in the air, "I'll get you my pretties, I hope you have fun at the family reunion!".
The dwarves knew what she ment, the witch was going to tell the mountain king and queen where they were hideing.
After hearing this news, the dwarves simply parted ways, two of them tried to get Amethist back but they were never seen again.
Now Gunny is wandering from job to job try to find a new way of life, unknown to him he would find a chance to save his human sister.
One rainy night, Gunny walked into the Dark Crest pub.

Saint Dane
Name: Saint Dane Súrion
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Magus
Gender: Male
Age: 3670
Birthday: October thirtieth
  • Godchild: Pendragon
  • The rest of his family is unknown.

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Name: Eärfalas Pendragon
Race: Half Elf
Class: Healer
Gender: Male
Age: 157
Birthday: May Sixteenth
  • Best Friend: Gunny
  • Father: Telrúnya Pendragon
  • Mother: Guinevere Pendragon
  • Godfather: Saint Dane

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