my team calls heros from different anime dimensions to destroy evil there is: sekura the mage Cardcaptors to some sekura is light but she has magic beyond mortal comprehension RIP merlin the wise history merlin is a great team play the only one on the team from is not form anime but he is a powerful healer and is the old head of the group RIP DBZ goku the super saiyan goku has saved his world many times and has decided to help this world when he heard that this world was in trouble if some one needs help goku will hep out in a second his only weaknesses are that he eats the entire partys food of course he is a saiyan and has a saiyan appitite and stupidity can be easily tricked he has a rivalry with vegeta vegeta the loner he has a big temper and is royalty and is saiyan so you dont want to croos him or you will end up final flashed he is second only to goku and currently old head of the group has big ego and rivalry with kakkarot aka goku pan the young she is brave despite her age is remarkabley strong she is quarter saiyan 3 quarter human both her parents are brave they are gohan the noble and videl the crime fighter RIP krillon the noble DBZ krillon is the hardest worker of the team he is not as strong as goku but is remarkable for a human he would sacrifice his life for his friends tian the inteligent tian has had a tough life constantly making hardships to become stronger he changed when goku showed him the path of good in his spare time he meditates and trains he is someone not to mess with for his 3rd eye boosts his fighting power Dende god of earth hes a light weight but strong at healing he has a good soul but can be naive