Dwarven Master Smith (14,2). Quest ID 4 *2 Mithril Ore Quest ID 5 *2 Adamantide Ore Quest ID 6 *2 Mountain Core Ore Quest ID 7 *12 ores 4 Mithril Ore 4 Adamantide Ore 4 Mountain Core Ore Dwarven Military HQ (2,21). Quest ID 8 *3 gems and 2 axe-parts 1 Gem of Power 1 Gem of Might 1 Gem of Speed 1 Axe Handle of Banalaladar 1 Axe Head of Banalaladar Quest ID 9 *7 Gavenandario parts 1 Helmet of Gavenandario 1 Plate of Gavenandario 1 Stone of Gavenandario 1 Gem of Gavenandario 1 Pearl of Gavenandario 1 Eye of Gavenandario 1 Rune of Gavenandario Dwarven Temple (5,14). Quest ID 10 *6 crosses: 1 Holy Cross of Manamaessi 1 Holy Cross of Carralagyn 1 Holy Cross of Calabrindra 1 Holy Cross of Landabriddlaen 1 Holy Cross of Devalaenna 1 Holy Cross of Baladar I seem to have lost the exact details on the quest ID and the exact spot to turn them in, but here's the rest: in the Gnoll Home *1 Gnoll King Crown and 1 Gnoll Crown Jewel *1 Gnoll King Scepter and 1 Gnoll Crown Jewel *1 Gnoll Queen Crown and 1 Gnoll Crown Jewel *1 Gnoll Queen Scepter and 1 Gnoll Crown Jewel in the Tower Of Verillie *2 Gem of Ybira and 3 Pearl of Zerictred *1 Pyrus of Magisstratius *1 Scabbard of Xxe you can also find these Quest Items in the OW and the NW (they're randomly spread all over the game) and have to be turned in TNW in the Tsu Marr training facility. *7 lore-books 1 Book of Melee Lore 1 Book of Missile Lore 1 Book of Armour Lore 1 Book of Shield Lore 1 Book of Strength Lore 1 Book of Endurance Lore 1 Book of Agility Lore