Borgin the Axe

A dwarven fighter, keen is the edge of his axe.


Our self styled party leader and elven mage.

Viela Hairfoot

The halfling priest whose elder brother died a long time ago.

Craggan II

Our second dwarven healer, and son of Craggan a previous party member.

Following the demise of half of our band in the New World we have returned to the traditional locale of the Old World, where we are currently training up a new group of warriors. Where Borgin leads the others follow. A new Mage has also been recruited and we hope to add a third healer to our band in time.

Torric the Tall

New Warrior

Aachon Anklebiter

A dwarven warrior of some repute now, though he wields a sword now, he is also adept with his axe.


An Elven Warrior who shoots with bow and fights with short sword, well on his way to being a hero

Erik the elder

New warrior

Somulus the sleepy

New Magus

The Cemetary


A human fighter.

RIP Arcanus

THe human apprentice of Calyiellae, now a powerful mage in his own right.

RIP Delnor the Mad

A dwarf who latched onto the group during the full moon and subsequently died in combat

RIP Alfred Alfredsson,

A axe wielding warrior.

RIP Philomena

A human sorceress who has been with us for a while now and is learning Fighting Sword as her preferred spell.