Hello, we are the Elven Rangers. We are not all elves, but our leader, Lance is. Our team consists of:

Lance - Elf,Ranger(hence the name) Bob - Dwarf,Warrior Peck - Hobbit,Rogue Fred - Hobbit,Healer John - Elf,Magus(he's Lance's brother)

That, is our team, and here, is our story:

We started out as just Lance and John. They often went on various adventures in the woods. After a while, they decided to call themselves "The Elven Rangers". After a while, more people got interested in their group, and joined. After some time, the group consisted of 1 dwarf, 2 hobbits, and of course, 2 elves. They continued their adventures, but this time, they didn't limit them to just the woods. They traveled far and wide, and when they had gotten to the Barren Lands, they realized that they didn't have enough gold to make it back. They decided to look around. They killed some Kobolds and a Giant Snake and got lots of spell ingredients. Then, they accidentally stumbled into 18 hostile Lizardmen. They battled long and hard, they had killed 2 of the Lizardmen when, suddenly, one of the lizardmen lunged at Peck. Peck tried to fend him off with his dagger, but the Lizardman was too much for him. That Lizardman was the death of him. The others managed to escape, but very nearly. They weren't as good a team without Peck. They wandered around looking for gold to get off the Barren Lands, but they could not find any. Then they met a party that called themselves Vanishing Point. This party gave them 1,100 gold coins. With this money, they ressurected Peck.

That is our story so far, but it will be continued. Seeya later!