Currently I have the following named items for sale and various magical items...

Boots of Aseralin: Strength 4 Sling 9 Fire Ball 9 7000gp
Chain of Velath: Agility 5 Blunt 11 Magic Ball 10 6000gp
Bow of Graeth: Lightning Ball 11 Bless Charisma 11 Combat Curse Strength 12 2500gp
Belt of Theip: Charisma 6 Shield 7 Bless Agility 7 6000gp

Viking Raiders (24718) named items...

Misfits (22701) named items...

Earring of Ederra Charisma 4 Blunt 8 Chain 11 2,999gp
Amulet of Kairanydd Staff 22 Chain 17 Shield 21 8,500gp
Chain of Lothean weight 82 Strength 5 Divinity 4 Curse Charisma 8 12,000 gp
Earring of Mireis Improved Haggling skill 17 Mass Holy Wrath 19 Power Acid Bolt 19 9,000gp
Bow of Cymas weight 1.7 Haggling 10 Curse Agility 11 4,000 gp
X-Bow of Gilican weight 1.2 Streetwise 21 Blunt 22 Combat Curse Strength 18 3,500gp
Shield of Glelibard Weight 1.7 Strength 4 Charisma 5 transfer 8,500 gp
Belt of Trare Agility 10 Haggling 20 Improved Blade skill 20 transfer 7,500 gp
Staff of Daleb one-handed weight 1.6 Leather 10 Haggling 13 Combat Curse Endurance 8 transfer 5,000gp
Sling of Adrieseth Haggling 20 Unarmed 17 Acid Ball 20 2,700gp
Staff of Lothardog Sorry, Lothar's dog chewed it a little. weight 1.6 Strength 4 Power Acid Bolt 10 Fighting Sword 13 transfer 7,000 gp

I also currently have:

Gem of Ybira: 1200gp

I am interested in buying:

Pearl of Zerictred: 2500gp

please someone provide me with some pearls!!! iv got like 7 gems n its getting a bit silly!!!!!!!!!! ;-)! so good luck to u all in search of pearls to give me!!! :D! hehe!

PM me if you have any questions!

also if you're trying to sell a named item feel free to send me its details and I will list the item, its details and your party details!