I rearranged this page to put info for new players at the beginning.

FAQs (frequently annoying questions)

How do I resurrect dead party members?
You can't. You have to go to a town and buy/recruit another one to replace him. (tip) don't let your players die.
How do I play this game? How do you fight?
Click on the number on a square to move. If you move onto a square occupied by a hostile creature, you will fight. You are on the square at the center of the map which doesn't have a #. If you don't see the map click on Location Commands on the left hand side of the screen.(this is covered in the Manual Index Chapter 4)
How do you get more AP (action points)?
You wait/vote for them or donate In this game donate means pay.
What does more damage: an axe or a 2-H axe, etc.?
Generally speaking the heavier item, the more damage it does. Try experimenting on your own and you'll see.
How tough are trolls? (and variants of this question)
From easy to hard: Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs, and Lizard Men. New parties should stick with these or try a few Giant Snakes or Crocodiles. Crocs seem to be harder than snakes. For the rest check the exquisite and award-winning Monster List below to check out your next victim.
How do I find out my level?
Go to "show party" then "show other skills" and voila ! In this game it is called class at it is a good measure of your character's power.
Why do I keep dieing?
You probably need to set your retreat levels. Think of it as strategic withdrawal. There are 3 kinds of retreat levels. I set them all to 75%. That works for me. Risk level means the game compares your total hps with your opponents total hps to see if you when you run home to mommy. I like to leave this one off so I can annihilate 10 times my weight in kobolds when I'm feeling malicious.
If your mage has increase melee defense cast that on your weakest guy. Click on "show party" and see who has the lowest melee defense.
You can always just put a weak guy on the back row and he won't take damage, except missile damage. To do that go to "combat settings" "character positions" then switch character to "back". Make sure you click "submit".
Maybe you find yourself dead because you signed the book of blood and someone killed you.
Finally, it might just be your bless strength/endurance spell wore off and the damage you had taken is now more than your hp max.
If you are still dieing after all this, then consider yourself nominated for the Darwin Awards.
What do items in blue/green mean?
Blue items are usually just plain items. In higher level dungeons blues might be unidentified magic. If unsure go to show party-show equipment. On the right side if it says "unknown" is is an unidentified item. Green is a quest item, or an item that was dropped after another party got killed on that spot and left stuff. These are fun to find! If it is a quest item (pearl of Zerectred or whatever) collect the set to get rewards.
How many items can I equip?
wands (unlimited)
potions (unlimited)
10 rings
2 bracers
2 earrings
1 pair of boots
1 cloak
1 belt
3 amulets
And a partridge in a pear tree


(like I know somethin')
Make sure you set your retreat levels! It ensures your survival. Otherwise your party might keep going toe to toe with that stack of 62 lizardmen and friends. (I set all 3 at 75%). Also set your magic in combat settings--not doing this got me killed several times. Slow down and be sure you dont enter a space that has multiple hostile parties b/c they will all attack you back to back.
Save AP (action points)
Use "Item Management" to adjust loads and save on AP. Look on "view players" and see who has the highest "load". If you can cast an Improved Movement spell on that player, great. Watch yourself tooling around relatively AP free. Another shorter lasting fix is to have your Healer cast Bless Strength.
New parties should avoid fighting more than 3 Sprites or Pixies at a time since they might kill off one of your members. To prevent this you can cast imp. magic defense on your character who has the weakest magic defense skill. Go to show party/show defense skills.
Good at collecting herbs and improve that skill pretty fast. Gathering herbs helps rangers level up faster. Plus, they have good carrying capacity. Every 30 levels Rangers get another missile attack. Lots of people rag on rangers because if you don't manage them right they can get killed off easy. Yes, rangers are good fighters, but they don't seem to level up as fast as warriors. Warriors get another melee attack every 75 levels and Rangers every 200 levels.
Magus and Healers
Get your spells together! Combat Settings/Magic use in Combat In the Monster/Party column put a number. Ex: Trolls are listed as(M10). You would type "10" in the column to cast that spell on trolls.

Guide for the Perplexed

  • If your levels are very low. You should choose your fights carefully. Early on it is easy to get lazy which eventually gets your characters killed. Camp and rest a lot! This restored lost hp and mana points. Use healer spell "bless endurance" it is a short term hit points to boost before a risky battle. Be careful, because it will expire without notice unless you keep track of it under show party/show temporary effects. This can be a tedious drag to check, but will keep your guys alive. Make sure you check your party's hit point level by checking "location commands" and heal up if necessary.
  • After mistakenly teleporting into big groups of hostiles I found one of the best protections (early on) is to preset to cast a ball spell. If you don't know how go to combat settings, magic use in combat, choose your character put 0 in for monster, 99 for priority, 6 (or whatever you want) for # and select the ball spell or wand to cast. This will at least soften up the opposition.

    Advanced Character Abilities


  • At level 75 warriors get 2 attacks.
  • At 150 they get their 3rd attack.
  • 4th attack at 225.


  • 2nd missile attack at 30
  • 3rd at 60
  • 4th at 90.
  • Rangers also get multiple melee attacks, but at higher levels than warriors. I believe it is 125 class or something.


  • can learn to cast Bless Divinity and Bless Magic spells.

    Price to Recruit Party Members:

  • 6th ...10,000gp
  • 7th ...30,000gp
  • 8th ...100,000gp
  • 9th ...500,000gp
  • 10th...1,000,000gp
  • 11th...3,000,000gp
  • 12th...??? do you know anyone with 12 characters?
  • Streetwise is your ability to gather rumors in a city. You'll see the button once you are in a city on the location screen. Rumors tell you where dungeons and other things are and more importantly where current quest items(QI) can be found. Plus, it is just fun to be nosey.
  • HerbLore is a skill that can be used when you are outside a town or dungeon. Grass is best and mountains worst. You gather spell componets for magus to use. The ranger is best at herblore but all characters can do it. When you are really good you can even gather herbs in mountains.
  • Haggling is best done by a rogue and can give you a discount when buying items from a city. It helps more later in the game. My rogue now can buy a 100,000gp scroll for 50,000! It's not bragging if you can back it up.
  • Class when you go up in class you get more hit points, you will eventually get extra attacks and your spell casters cast spells at less mana cost.


      Getting closer to identifying all the monsters in this game...
    • (M1) Orc 25hp
    • (M2) Kobold 15hp (like picking on a pre-schooler--but I'm not being judgmental)
    • (M3) Goblin 20hp (Orcs been pushing you around? Awww! Bully these guys-it'll make you feel like a real man.)
    • (M4) Lizardman 40hp (tricky, slippery buggers who speak with a lisp and like to spring on you in hordes)
    • (M5) *Elf 40 (* killing them raises notoriety, but is quite fulfilling.)
    • (M6) *Dwarf 40
    • (M7) *Human 40 hp (ever notice how the living creatures in this game NEVER talk?)
    • (M8) *Hobbit
    • (M9) Ogre <122 (interesting(?) factoid: Ogre backwards is ergo.)
    • (M10) Troll 108-122
    • (M11) Giant 149-179
    • (M12) Roc 140+ Found on mountain peaks. Rumored to be able to wipe out whole inexperienced parties. Are you experienced?
    • (M13) Wolf 13-40 hpTougher than you might think. Decent combat practice for the faint hearted, but don't tell your friends or you'll be a laughing stock back at the tavern.
    • (M14) Crocodile <40 (wrestle 'em, it's fun) crikey!
    • (M15) Giant Snake <35 (The 2nd biggest I've ever seen.)
    • (M16) Basilisk 70 paralyze
    • (M17) Pixie fire bolt 15
    • (M18) Sprite ice bolt 15 (lemon-lime, bubbly and refreshing. The ice bolt is to cool the drink.)
    • (M19) Goblin Archer 30 (after you kill these guys don't expect to get a bow. That would make too much sense for the game designer)
    • (M20) Goblin Guard 40
    • (M21) Goblin Chief 300
    • (M22) Kobold Archer <28 (once again... they don't drop bows)
    • (M23) Kobold Guard 30 (who never seem to be guarding anything)
    • (M24) Kobold Chief 200
    • (M25) Lizard Archer 50 (drop bows? ...No.)
    • (M26) Lizard Guard 60 (in this game if you stand around protecting nothing you qualify as a "guard")
    • (M27) Lizard Chief 250 (we all know Jim Morrison is the Lizard King)
    • (M28) Orc Archer (If you kill one you can get a bow...not!)
    • (M29) Orc Guard 50 (Kill the guard and get the treasure...no treasure! It wasn't really guarding anything, silly.)
    • (M30) Orc Chief 250 If they were smart they would surround themselves with body guards. No, these chiefs often go it alone...
    • (M31) Skeleton 100 (the following undead never retreat ...that I've seen) They ain't scared'a YOU!
    • (M32) Skeleton Warrior (bigger, bonier) 150 hp!
    • (M33) Skeleton King (It's good to be the king!)
    • (M34) Zombie ("braaains!")
    • (M35) Dark Zombie ("daaark braaains!")curse char
    • (M36) Ghast 150 hp curse agil Who passed the ghast?
    • (M37) Ghoul <130 hp paralyze Momma didn't raise no ghoul!
    • (M38) Ghost <157 paralyze (call 'em spooks, they hate it)
    • (M39) Wraith curse str (the Grapes of Wraith ... read it in high school)
    • (M40) Wight (if this is Wrong, I don't want to be Wight)150 hp curse str
    • (M41) Shadow curse str
    • (M42) Vampire (blah! blaah!) <731 hp mass paralyze
    • (M43) Lich <736 hp magic ball
    • (M44) Banshee 200 hp (?) paralyze (The girls just won't shut up)
    • (M45) Mummy curse end
    • (M46) Dwarf Guard (the following dwarves are friendly just like regular dwarves and don't attack)
    • (M47) Dwarf Elite Guard
    • (M48) Dwarf Healer
    • (M49) Dwarf Clan Head Once a proud race-- now substance abusers. Sometimes seen with the Stoned Golem.
    • (M50) Minor Earth Elemental <200 hp acid bolt Happy Earth Day...Zzzt!
    • (M51) Minor Fire Elemental fire bolt It's a minor, which means it's must be accompanied by an adult Elemental to the movie theater.
    • (M52) Minor Air Elemental ice bolt Why doesn't it shoot air bolts? And what ever happened to the Water Elemental?
    • (M53) Baby Black Dragon 1796-1908 hp acid ball treasure trove. Killing him is easier than changing his diaper.
    • (M54) Giant Spider <123 hp paralyze Eeek, a spider! Kill it!
    • (M55) Black Slime <138 hp acid bolt 100 hp. Call 'em "Black Goo," they hate it.
    • (M56) Umber Hulk paralyze 100 hp. A hulk, yes...green, no.
    • (M57) Rock Monster 100 hp (they throw rocks, but they don't live in glass houses)
    • (M58) Stone Golem 739-848 (drop no gold, but can drop QIs) Apparently golems get stoned, too. Sometimes found with the Dwarf Clan Head with a bad case of the munchies.
    • (M59) Dark Dwarf 40 (missiles) Collect the beards to redeem for 15 gp at Meriniver Military HQ or use 'em to make an afghan.
    • (M60) DD Guard 100 (missiles) you get 1-25 gp/kill.
    • (M61) DD Elite Guard 150 (missiles)
    • (M62) DD Priest 100 hp curse str (missiles)
    • (M63) Dark Dwarf Clan Head (shoots missiles) 350-400hp.
    • (M64) Ogre Raider >125
    • (M65) Troll Raider 125+
    • (M66) Fire Giant ~260 hp power fire bolt (Sounds like what I do after three bean salad.)
    • (M67) Cloud Giant >259 hp power lightning bolt (See joke above.) But, seriously, these have a very potent magic attack!! Their magic seems much stronger than Fire Giants. They did about 300hp of damage to one of my characters.
    • (M68) Orc Raider >102
    • (M69) Goblin Raider 117+ (Usually found raiding the fridge.)
    • (M70) Lizardman Raider Lot's of hit points but do not do much damage.
    • (M71) Kobold Raider 93+
    • (M72) Dwarf Warrior missile attack.
    • (M73) Wild Elf pretty weak; missiles; *raises notoriety. drops 3-24 gp.
    • (M74) Wild Elf Warrior 1-25gp dropped/no items dropped
    • (M75) Human Warrior neutral
    • (M76) Dark Wyrm 76 acid ball
    • (M77) Dark Faerie 15 fire bolt hostile.
    • (M78) Wild Faerie 15hp; neutral. Wild Faerie(16) cast Acid Bolt
    • (M79) Light Faerie (are there heavy ones?) neutral; 15hp. cast Ice Bolt.
    • (M80) Bugbear 140 (no gold dropped only QIs sometimes)
    • (M81) Centaur neutral; raise notoriety if attacked. Drop decent gold.
    • (M82) Nymph neutral; paralysis; drop spell components.
    • (M83) Harpy 100 hp paralyze (No gold, gives herbs at 1/per)
    • (M84) Sand Worm just like Purple Worm. Ho-hum.
    • (M85)Huge Scorpion cast Acid Bolt. no gold.
    • (M86)Giant Centipede cast Acid Bolt. no gold.
    • (M87)Nomad friendly; raises notoriety; 10-23gp.
    • (M88)Hill Giant 300hp; they each drop 1 giant tooth.
    • (M89)Ettin hostile; 400h.p.; 5-25 gp.
    • (M90)? ? ? ?
    • (M91)Griffon neutral; 10-73gp.
    • (M92)Hippogriff hostile; 21-50gp.
    • (M93)Warg Don't drop anything except maybe QIs.
    • (M94)Polar Bear neutral.
    • (M95)Frost Giantgold 11-55.
    • (M96)Ice Hound weak ice bolts. 70hp. nothing dropped. Found in Yeti Lair
    • (M97)Ice Wolf 70hp. casts no magic. drop nothing...not even a bone. Found in Yeti Lair
    • (M98)Yeti they don't cast magic. 5-75gp. Found in Yeti Lair (no joke!)
    • (M99)Giant Frog hostile; no loot. Ribbet! no...RIBBET !
    • (M100)Displacer Beast no loot.
    • (M101)Giant Slug cast Fire Bolt.
    • (M102)Purple Worm casts fire bolt; finds 348 gold
    • (M103)Nagapower magic missiles; (Isle of Lomario).
    • (M104)Manticore power ice bolt. 1-64gp
    • (M105)Wyvern power acid bolt. 1-30gp; (Isle of Lomario).
    • (M106)Carrion Crawlermass paralyze. 44-431gp !! (Isle of Lomario).
    • (M107)Cyclops big ogres. drop 1-74gp (avg. 37gp per cyclops) and lots of minor magic items.
    • (M108)Gorgon curse strength (powerful)
    • (M109)Behemoth curse endurance.
    • (M110)Serpent cast mass paralyze.
    • (M111)Serpent King cast Mass Paralyse; 456 gold.
    • (M112)Cyclop King nothing special.
    • (M113)Ancient Wyvern cast Power Acid Bolt; 12gp.
    • (M114)Purple Worm
    • (M115)War Troll
    • (M116)War Troll Chief
    • (M117) ???
    • (M118) ???
    • (M119) ???
    • (M120) Hobgoblin 25 (Usually found hobnobbing)
    • (M121) Hobgoblin Archer 40
    • (M122) Hobgob Warrior 50
    • (M123) Hobgob Chief 250
    • (M124) Hobgob Shaman 100 hp curse str
    • (M125) Hobgoblin Shanam 100 curse agil
    • (M126) Hobgoblin Shyman 100 curse endur
    • (M127) Hobgoblin Charmin 100 curse char
    • (M128) Minor Skeleton 25 hp (no missile attack) (**It has been reported the following undead found in the Catacombs CAN retreat.**)
    • (M129) Minor Skeleton (Archer) 40 hp (missiles!)
    • (M130) Minor Skeleton (warrior) 50 hp
    • (M131) Minor Skeleton 100 hp curse str
    • (M132) Minor Skeleton 100 hp curse agil
    • (M133) Minor Skeleton 100 hp curse endur
    • (M134) Minor Skeleton curse char
    • (M135) Miner Zombie 25 hp
    • (M136) Manor Zombie (Archer) 40 hp (missiles!)
    • (M137) Minar Zombie 50 hp
    • (M138) MZ 100 hp curse str. ( no missiles)
    • (M139) MZ 100 curse agil.
    • (M140) MZ 100 curse end.
    • (M141) MZ 100 curse char
    • (M142) Gnoll 25; 1-25gp.
    • (M143) Gnoll Archer 40
    • (M144) Gn Warrior 50
    • (M145) Gn Chief 250
    • (M146) Gn Shaman 100 str.
    • (M147) Gn Shamin agil.
    • (M148) Gn Shamen end.
    • (M149) Gn Shamman char.
    • (M150) Troglodyte 25
    • (M151) Trog Archer 40 hp
    • (M152) Trog Warrior 50 hp
    • (M153) Trog Chief 250 hp
    • (M154) Trog Shaman 100 hp str.
    • (M155) Trog Shaman agil
    • (M156) Trog Shaman end.
    • (M157) Trog Shamu char.
    • (M158) Pirate 40 (Arr!)
    • (M159) Pirate 50 (Aaaar, matey!)
    • (M160) Captain 250 (Swab the deck!)
    • (M161) Evil Priest (Shiver me timbers!)100hp curse str.
    • (M162) EP curse agil.
    • (M163) Evil P curse end.
    • (M164) E Priest curse char.
    • (M165)Creepy Crawler Combat Curse Strength
    • (M166)Creepy Crawler cast Combat Curse Agility
    • (M167) Creepy Crawler cast Combat Curse Endurance
    • (M168)Creepy Crawler cast Combat Curse Charisma
    • (M169) Creepy Crawler cast Combat Curse Magic
    • (M170) Creepy Crawler cast Combat Curse Divinity; 3 missile attacks; 4 melee attacks.
    • (M171) Tunneller Beetle weak fire bolt; weak missile and melee.
    • (M172) Tunneller Beetle cast Acid Bolt
    • (M173) Tunneller Beetle weak ice bolt; weak missile and melee.
    • (M174) Waste Raptor fireball; weak missile and weak melee.
    • (M175)Waste Raptor cast Acid Ball
    • (M176) Waste Raptor ice ball; 3 missile attacks; 4 melee attacks.
    • (M177) Chimera cast Fire Bolt
    • (M178) Chimera cast Power Fire Bolt
    • (M179) Hydra no magic; no missiles; 6 fierce attacks
    • (M180) Pyro Hydra cast Fire Bolt
    • (M181) Pyro Hydra cast Power Fire Bolt
    • (M182) Medusa cast Mass Paralyse; up to 5 melee attacks
    • (M183)**Astral Fungus Combat Curse Strength; 4 missile attacks; 3 melee attacks.
    • (M184) Astral Fungus cast Combat Curse Agility
    • (M185) Astral Fungus cast Combat Curse Endurance
    • (M186) Astral Fungus cast Combat Curse Charisma
    • (M187) Astral Fungus cast Combat Curse Magic cast Combat Curse Magic
    • (M188) Astral Fungus cast Combat Curse Divinity
    • (M189) Astral Fungus cast Power Acid Bolt
    • (M190) Two-Headed Troll missile attacks; up to 5 melee attacks
    • (M191) Xorn neutral; no magic, 5 missile, 4 melee.
    • (M192) Gargoyle 6 missile attacks and 4 melee attacks.
    • (M193)Chimera cast Fire Bolt
    • (M194) Chimera(M194)
    • (M195) Hydra no magic; no missiles; 6 fierce attacks
    • (M196) Astral Fungus
    • (M197) Astral Fungus
    • (M198) Astral Fungus
    • (M199) Astral FungusCombat Curse Strength
    • (M200) Astral Fungus Combat Curse Agility
    • (M201)Astral Fungus Combat Curse Endurance
    • (M202)Astral FungusCombat Curse Charisma
    • (M203)Astral Fungus
    • (M204)Astral Fungus Combat Curse Divinity
    • (M205)Astral Fungus
    • (M206)Two-Headed Troll(M206)
    • (M207)Xorn(M207)
    • (M208)Gargoyle 6 missile attacks and 4 melee attacks.
    • (M209)Astral Fungus
    • (M210)Astral Fungus
    • (M211)Hydra
    • (M212)Astral Fungus
    • (M213)Astral Fungus
    • (M214)Medusa
    • (M215)Astral FungusCombat Curse Strength
    • (M216)Astral FungusCombat Curse Agility
    • (M217)Astral FungusCombat Curse Endurance
    • (M218)Astral Fungus combat curse charisma
    • (M219)Astral FungusCombat Curse Magic
    • (M220)Astral FungusCombat Curse Divinity
    • (M221)Astral Funguscast Power Acid Bolt
    • (M222)Astral Fungus
    • (M220)Astral Fungus
    • (M223)Astral Fungus
    • (M224)Astral Fungus
    • (M225)Astral Fungus
    • (M226)Chimera
    • (M227)Astral Fungus
    • (M228)Astral Fungus
    • (M229)Astral Fungus
    • (M230)Medusa
    • (M231)Astral Funguscast Combat Curse Strength
    • (M232)Astral Fungus
    • (M233)Astral Fungus
    • (M234)Astral Funguscast Combat Curse Charisma
    • (M235)Astral Fungus
    • (M236)Astral Fungus
    • (M237)Astral Funguscast Power Acid Bolt
    • (M238)Astral Fungus
    • (M239)Xorn
    • (M269) Astral FungusPower Acid Bolt

      Where to BuyHerbs

      Hermic Root
    • Forest of Light (18,15)
    • Safe Harbor (4,25)
      Demunga Flower
    • Forest of Light (18,15)
    • Laguna (8,37)
      Wizart Fungus
    • Forest Entrance (25,16)
    • Clean Waters (24,38)
      Moonlight Moss
    • North Point (39,39)
    • Forest Entrance (25,16)
      Sunshine Flower
    • Forest Lake (15,23)
      Mountain Grass
    • Forest Lake (15,23)
    • Travels (38,5)
      Bluetooth Stilk (what's a stilk ??)
    • Elven Nation (26,26)
    • Wild Shark (17,3)
      Mystic Mushroom
    • Elven Nation (26,26)

      Where to Sell/Redeem for Reward

      Kobold Ears
    • Wild Shark (17,3)
    • Safe Harbor (4,25)
      Goblin Ears
    • South Mountain (13,6)
    • Deep Waters (3,33)
      Orc Ears
    • South Point (9,2)
      Lizard Claws
    • Laguna (8,37)
      Where are the towns, you ask? See Masters of None's useful player page (if you don't know already)
    • Wands

    • Can it be used only once? Or several times?
    • Yeah, I'd use it as a back up. Using known spells is the only way to train up spell use. And we all want to be stronger don't we?
    • Wands can be used around 20 times, when new. Their power is low/moderate. After using up it gives you a message saying it disappeared.
      More Tips
      Go to the Players Pages Link to the left and view Travelling Minstrels and Masters of None's playa page.
    • #1 Rule. DO NOT sell named items to shops in the OW. The NW pays twice the price.
    • It costs 10 action points to use a item.
    • Scrolls can be used by spell casters to learn new spells.
    • Fighters can only use potions.
      Level/Class--Mana Points (MP)
    • You need to gain more endurance for you to get more hp and more magic/charisma to get more mp.
    • When your class increases spells will cost less for mages and healers and you will get bonus attacks for warriors (melee) and rangers (missile).
    • TIP: Agility = defense + hp, STR= offense + hp (and lower movement cost), END= hp (and lower movement cost), DIV= for healers, MAG= for Mages. CHA= extra Magic Points (MP) for mages AND healers...


      (in their own words)
      I only did this rotational leadership thing to appease Wairbleirnd. He wouldn't stay with us unless he "gripped the blasted reins" at least part of the time. He's always scheming on the big score. Trekking throught the putrid swamp in search of troll ear. "Blasted merchants pay good coin for blasted troll hide" he says. It's eating up the whole day slogging knee deep in the muck. He'd have us attack twenty lizardmen to get to two trolls. I don't know which will kill us first, if we survive the stinging flies and marsh gas. You die in there and your body doesn't come back. I say go for the scattered treasures in the underearth places. With our differences in opinions we are drifting aimlessly like a rudderless ship. May the gods have pity! We won't get rich or famous doing like we've been doing. Alright. Things are shaping up. Our team work has really improved. WairBleirnd has realized a steady stream of modest combat provides a decent income of gold, and we haven't been even close to losing a party member, yet.
      Adventuring's the thing to do when you've burned all your bridges back at the barrows and deep within a few mines. Never killed so much, nor thought I could get so used to it. It's like hacking your way toward redemption. I hope I can scoop up a sizeable fortune in coin and make a name in combat so I can show my face back in Hargort Hills... Ah, but that's too far away and too far off. Now, I gotta keep hauling cheap kobold tools back to market. Don't they know what it took to get them? I had to risk life and limb! 1 gold for a decent blade? Even 'ere sorcerer's spells can't dissuade the money-tight, never-leave-the-shop clerks and merchants. I'm ready to turn on a few when I see them on the road. I don't care what the other members in my party say.
      I find the Sylvan Bourne too snooty. I prefer associating with this motley assemblage of bipedal vagabonds. At least I can indulge in intense archery refinement undisturbed. The hostile environment I must say is even exhilarating. Too see these mercenaries ply their bows... it's beyond description. I run circles round them. Dear! He's finally done it! I knew with that low-born dwarf in charge we'd regret it. He suddenly turned on a coulpe elves on the road skirting the swamp. Word got out and we can no longer join the ranks of the civilized. I hate being outside the law. I'm doomed.
      I didn't study medicine to help the poor. Me and the boys get totally bulked out and tear down everything in our way. Let's see them try to throw me back in the stockade now! Huh, huh. Only heal to avoid the grave or when the blood is too much in the eyes to get a bead on a foe. It do get bloody! (On Helewd, his rival healer) Helewd, you ask? He only heals for filthy lucre. When not gouging the hurt, ill or infirm, you can usually find him hurting small animals, starting fires and wetting his bed. Hah! We finally busted the heads of some villagers. It was a pair that had confronted dwarfy in Barren Lands town square over his questionable business practices. We're on the run, but it sure was worth it to see their heads explode.
      You want me to heal you? Ambushed by Goblin Raiders? Likely story. You are probably running from the authorities of some place. I know your kind. That's why you better show me enough coin of the realm before I'll consider spending my time and draining my physical energy for your minor discomforts.
      I would rather be raising the dead to create my own ghoulish army to follow my bidding, but research has yet to locate a source for such study. I'm left to experimenting deep into the night, which is one reason I stay out of melee. These experiments have yet to yield a reproducible incantation, but they have proved to be quite amusing it their own right.
      Simluff the Clueless
      So what? The town guard eventually kicked me out. There's too much nepotism and cronyism, anyhow. I think what brought about my dismissal was ruining the watch's laundry that last time. If they cared more about sweeping the region of marauding bands and less about their uniforms...but enough of the "guards". I was only doing it to pay university tuition. There went that! The way I look at it I'll learn more seeing the foreign lands with my own eyes and hopefully earn a living as well. I'm keeping a jounal, but I sure wish I could have mastered literacy better.


      (not the edible kind)
      Just completed quest 9 and got an earring. Guess my warriors are going to start getting multiple piercings now. Plus, just a couple thou. away from character #8. I'm leaning heavily toward a wizard, so he can take some of the MP load off of OhnNatKel. He drove a hard bargain. We just inked the deal with TifPlip who the locals have dubbed "The Scrounger." The guy made us sign a 100,000 gold signing bonus...then made us pick up his bar tab at the tavern. Sure travels light--just the tunic on his back and a thin pocket of herbs. He says he'll find the rest along the way. Did he join up because of our party's growing success? No. He said he had to send funds back to cover the family's insolvent salvage yard. Wow, that's a boost of confidence to a group of weary adventurers. OhnNatKel says his sorcery seems minimal. By the gods! Guess we need to take what we can get. On top of things, we all are going to have to cover him the whole way since he doesn't look one to mix things up in a scrape. Killed a few elves and dwarves. Now noteriety up to 500+. It is a drag having to avoid some potential fights. Completed quests 9 and 10. Questing for Rune of Galendario and the Gem of Might. Killed 3 giants for the first time. Killed 10 trolls in the same battle. Still shying away from a single Roc. Now it seems easier to get troll parts than sprite wings! New record: killed 11 giants. Whew! It took a while. Now I'm shooting for a Roc. quest 19. Dang! too much dinky magic cluttering up. The Old World economy is going through a recession. Few have the disposable income to buy even minor enchanted items. We will make the appropriate sacrifices and perform the ancient rituals scrupulously to ensure the favor of the gods. Late entry--First Roc bagged. A lone creature atop desolate crags. It was more frightened of us than us of it. The sorcerers' magicks annihilated it before our warriors could even close. Now, we have the courage to approach a pair or even more. **TipLiff The Scrounger was killed when fighting a pair of 2-Headed Trolls on level 1 of Astral Fortress. We can just rested up and being all the way healed up he stepped up to the front row. Few took much damge other than him. He was easy pickings for the troll, since after resting several buffs had worn off. He almost made it--he drank 2 or 3 potions, but he fell. Alas, we loved his spirit. He was eccentric and crotchety. He lived to hoard items, but we grew to love him. We will miss his odd sense of humor, his spell specialties and above all his companionship. We are carrying his body back with us, but haven't decided where to bury it. We are going to camp in the hall where he fell. Everyone is too shaken up to do anything else. We just got too careless as a party. Astral is still new to us and we already started underestimating it.

      Ancient Castle

    • (54,37)Ancient Castle Catacombs
    • (60,33)Out of AC Main Floor back to fresh air
    • (35,4) to Ancient Castle
    • (54, 37) stairs to Ancient Castle Catacombs
    • (4,16) Stairs up from Catacombs back to AC main floor
    • (66, 45) from AC main to Upper Floor of Ancient Castle
    • (56, 45) (66,45)Stairs Down from Upper Floor of Ancient Castle
    • (61, 42) (on upper floor) to Castle Tower
    • Stairs down from tower (8,8)
      Gnoll Home
    • Exit (13,8)
    • Throne (8,13)1
    • Gnoll King Crown 2 Gnoll Crown Jewel
    • 1 Gnoll Queen Crown 2 Gnoll Crown Jewel
    • 1 Gnoll Queen Scepter 2 Gnoll Crown Jewel
    • 1 Gnoll King Scepter 2 Gnoll Crown Jewel
    • Tower of Flogston (8,10)


      Notes to Self

      North Mountain (9,29)

      (7, 18) Dangerous Hills

      Travels (38,5)


    • Exit Meriniver (12) to Mines 2,2
    • To Meriniver (12) (39,13)
    • Dwarven Mines A to B - 3, 23
    • Exit from Mine B to A -15, 15
    • Mine B(Mine 14) to Dangerous Cave 1 (Merin Caves 16) -12, 27
    • Dangerous Cave to Mine B - 3,23
    • Mine B to Mine C - (10,10)
    • Mine C to Mine B - (15,15)
    • Mine C to Dark Meriniver - 26,21
    • Dark Meriniver to Mine C - (3,3)
    • Dark Merinver to Dark Meriniver lower - (16,28)
    • Dark Meriniver lower to Dark Meriniver - (3,15)
    • Cave A to Mine B -(3, 23)
    • Cave A to Cave B - (24,4)
    • Cave B to Cave A - (24,4)
    • Cave B to Cave C - (2,19)
    • Cave C to Cave B - (2,19)
    • Cave C to Dragon's lair - (10,13)
    • Exit Dragon lair - (6,3)
    • (2,2)Meriniver(12)
    • Meriniver(13)(39,13)teleport to (18,13)then (5,17)then(3,23)
    • Meriniver Mine(14)(15,15) TO (10,10)
    • Meriniver (13) (15,15)to (10,10)
    • Meriniver Mine(14)(10,10) to (12,27)Sealed Mine Shaft
    • (3,23)Meriniver Caves(16)Mine Shaft to (24,4)
    • Meriniver Caves(17)(24,4)to (2,19)
    • (2,19)Meriniver Caves(18)to (10,13)Dragon Cave
    • (6,3)Meriniver Dragon Lair(19)Teleport to (6, 13) then to Dragon (9, 23) Baby Black Dragon


      --exit: (8,13)
    • Dwarven Mines A to B - (3, 23)
    • Meriniver Mine(13)--up:(39,13)
    • Meriniver Mine(13)--up:on the way teleport to (15,16)
    • Meriniver Mine(13)--down (3,23)
    • Mine B to Dangerous Cave 1 -12, 27
    • Meriniver Caves(16)--up: (3,23)
    • Meriniver Mine(14)--down:(12,27)
    • Meriniver Mine(14)--up: (15,15)
    • Meriniver Mine(15)(15,15) to (26,21)


    • Any first-timers use 95% retreat level at least until you get the hang of things. After that you can lower down to 88%.
    • I wouldn't even try level 5 or 6 unless all warriors are at 100 base in Div and Charisma This is where you have to buckle down and buy Divinity and Charisma Training for your warriors. Trolls and such aren't too bad. The fungus will curse you back to the dark ages though.
    • In Astral Fortress, Room, special quests can be found.

      DF's Tips

      First go to TNW (29,39). From there, teleport to the Tower of Verylla (29,55) (No stacks) Quest - Astral Armour and Astral Gems Entrance to Astral Fortress(48,74). First buffer up, before teleporting there… P.S. Always buff up when leaving astral (M183) Astral Fungus(M199) Astral Fungus(M215) Astral Fungus(M231) Astral Fungus(M247) Astral Fungus(M263) Combat Curse Strength Astral Fungus(M184) Astral Fungus(M200) Astral Fungus(M216) Astral Fungus(M232) Astral Fungus(M248) Astral Fungus(M264) Combat Curse Agility Astral Fungus(M185) Astral Fungus(M201) Astral Fungus(M217) Astral Fungus(M233) Astral Fungus(M249) Astral Fungus(M265) Combat Curse Endurance Astral Fungus(M186) Astral Fungus(M202) Astral Fungus(M218) Astral Fungus(M234) Astral Fungus(M250) Astral Fungus(M266) Combat Curse Charisma Astral Fungus(M187) Astral Fungus(M203) Astral Fungus(M219) Astral Fungus(M235) Astral Fungus(M251) Astral Fungus(M267) Combat Curse Magic Astral Fungus(M188) Astral Fungus(M204) Astral Fungus(M220) Astral Fungus(M236) Astral Fungus(M252) Astral Fungus(M268) Combat Curse Divinity Astral Fungus(M189) Astral Fungus(M205) Astral Fungus(M221) Astral Fungus(M237) Astral Fungus(M253) Astral Fungus(M269) Power Acid Bolt


      Quest Items Needed:

      Dwarvish Temple

    • 1 Holy Cross of Manamaessi
    • 1 Holy Cross of Carralagyn
    • 1 Holy Cross of Calabrindra
    • 1 Holy Cross of Devalaenna
    • 1 Holy Cross of Landabriddlaen
    • 1 Holy Cross of Baladar

      Dwarvish Military HQ (2,21)

    • Redeem black dwarf beards 15 gp
      Quest ID 8
      1 Gem of Power
      1 Gem of Might
      1 Gem of Speed
      1 Axe Handle of Banalaladar
      1 Axe Head of Banalaladar
      Quest ID 9
      1 Helmet of Gavenandario
      1 Plate of Gavenandario
      1 Stone of Gavenandario
      1 Gem of Gavenandario
      1 Pearl of Gavenandario
      1 Eye of Gavenandario
      1 Rune of Gavenandario


      I have a teleport scroll, but never tried teleporting...can you explain to me how it works?
    • You start out being able to teleport about 15 spaces, but the distance is random. Level up and this increases. If the teleportation is unsuccessful (you tried to go farther than your current capacity, or if you teleported to an impassable area like a wall or water) then you lose 25 MP and 3 AP and the components. This is actually not too bad -- at least you don't have to worry about dieing instantly. However, if you do tel. onto a stack of hostiles they will attack immediately--surprise 30 lizardmen! You can always take precautions, but who works that hard? The game doesn't let you see farther than adjacent squares. Make best use of mountains, forests and the swamp this way.
    • Okay, you asked how to use it. Of course you click "cast spell." It asks you to pick a player to cast it on, but that doesn't matter -- any or all -- it works out the same. Then you have to plug in the coordinates you want. You cannot teleport say from inside a dungeon to the outside. Only on the same screen if you know what I mean. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    • WerDinn Human Warrior
    • WairBleirnd Dwarf Warrior
    • RanDwar Dwarf Ranger
    • Dhealer Dwarf Healer
    • Helewd Dwarf Healer
    • OhnatKel Elf Magus
    • Simluff the Clueless Dwarf Warrior
    • TifPlip the Scrounger Human Magus (deceased)
    • Inadequs the Limp Human Warrior
    • RogueGain Dwarf Rogue
    • Misfits(22701)
    • The Syndicate(34740)
    • Word to the wise: there's a 16 mill gold-limit for each character AND in the AB.
    • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 25, 8 Temple of Gannaberiel 6, 24