Chills run down your spine and fear rushes over you,
You grab something to hold onto and squeeze real tight,
Tears race down your cheek as you awaken from dreams
Your door slowly creaks open as the light creeps in
You look over at the clock and realize it's 2
Gently laying back down, you think everything will be alright
Your eyes close tight and you hear nothing but screams,
His victims are scared for he has committed a sin

I woke up crying in the night
No, that is not right Screaming,
from fright I cannot fight.
Why do they torture me so
Nightmares that come and go
And continue to grow I cannot know.
They induce such pain
My soul they drain
Am I going insane I cannot explain.
No one to comfort me
From terrors unseen
No solace for my need
I cannot be free.
They must not be true
Somewhere the sky is blue
If there is no rescue
I cannot continue.