Hello to everyone!
I liked this game combination of enough puzzle math to tinker with plus that booster rewards (looting?) that help overcome the afterbattles.

Seems there arent many players to pick, i tried to avoid the feds until there werent any solo's left, tough later found about the 1 man federations.

Im still wondering what's there to keep your fleet from being torpedoed into little post paid stamps enough to send your planet by mail.

Hopefully only the vets can crush you in one go that way.
(no charity help needed to demostrate, thanks.
also note honors doesn't apply to the second to try and forth)

Some stuff really wastes ap's so, in noob spirit, i found myself with just 1ap wondering what to do while waiting 10 minutes to have 2ap i need to call it a day.

Well, thats 20 minutes writing so that ends this nonsense right n