The Universal Empire

Controlling the Universe, nicely




The Universal Empire seeks to become the dominate power in this universe and to hold its position as dominant power forever. We have a military consisting of a classified number of well armed starships. We have diverse fleet made up of defence oriented craft, attack oriented craft as well as multi-mission craft equally capable of attack and defence.

Each ship has the most advanced technology on board and is crewed by the finest officers there are. We seek good relations with those who do not attack us and are willing to refrain from attacking those who have not harmed us.

Those who have harmed us on the other hand will be attacked without mercy with no chance of a treaty without significant losses to the aggressor.

Our leader considers this chat feature to be terrible. If you want to contact us use a private message.


Universal Empire Statistics We welcome tourists from all over the galaxy, provided you are not here to spy on us for another empire.

If you are here to just look around and do all that tourist stuff then we are at co-ordinates (9,6).

Those caught spying or invading will be given a slow and painful death (and may very well end up accidently helping me) so don't do it.