Building Plants 20
Spaceship Plants 20
Power Plants 20
Power Storage 3
Space Ports 10
Command Center 20
Minerals 1
Power 1
Harvester about 300
Fighter 9
Destroyer 18
Cruiser 27
Bomber 36
Shielder 36
Star Destroyer 48
Torpedoes 23
Mine Grid 10

and 10% of ur EXP give u score

donīt attack below u.. only when u can reach the top or gain loads of minerals..
a 50% fighter 50% bomber combination with some torps is perfekt for a run and taking people down who have double of your score (without shielders cause it gives you too much score and you waste APīs for it) with a well prepared itīs easy to go on top with full AP and be ruthless and destroy fleets:)
You donīt need to use all of your minerals whle running.. with lower score you can get more minerals.. that is all this game is about.. AP-efficiency and gaining XP and minerals.