At a shopping mall, there's a giant color-coded map to tell us if we're next to the Frank-n-Stein or where one can find the local Chess King. We think that in the grand scheme of things, that whole mall is really just a microspeck in the universe; it's a dust mite in the interstellar medium of our tiny galaxy! What's the point!? Why bother!? To put things in perspective so-to-speak, we at Fed X's Advanced Astrophysics Lab decided to help you out.

In case you're ever feeling lost in this ever-expanding universe of about 300 billion galaxies, this map will help guide your way. With a representation of our own little 100,000 light-year-across cluster of 200 billion stars, The Milky Way, we show you the location of our solar system (In the Orion arm in case you're wondering). So next time you're running late from your jaunt over to Andromeda, you'll be able to make it back safely. It may take you a few hundred million years to do it, but at least you'll have a map.