Wanna play rise of chaos copy the link and paste it on your browser http://riseofchaos.com/?x=367 Hi all

See my first achievement http://gangwar.plit.dk/ranking/GangWar332.html GangWar332
2005-05-21 - 2005-07-20
Experienced Players Only : NO
26352267 TANGO(24)
2833692 Warchild(16)
653 TANGO(24)
467 Warchild(16)
1781820 TANGO(24)
988470 Warchild(16)

My rough calculation on the strength of enemy is see the Ranking Lists. Most gang have more novice member than other Experienced, Master etc. but the longer you play this ratio will change depends on what you do. Basically when you see the rangking list on Strongest category the figure the PLIT calculate is more or less like no of (n,e)

n of novice = n x 10

e of experienced = e x 20

m of master = m x 30

and so on until master leader it valued 100

so the total of all of this is the value of the strongest. so like you have 10,000 strength more or less you have 1000 novice and it have chances of distributing this number on the blocks they control. For this see the Biggest category in the rangking lists let say you have 10 controlled blocks means more or less you have 100 novices in each block.

AP spending, this depends on your strength and your size, when you first start, using 100 novices may cost more AP than after you have large member which cost you 5 AP for using between 5 to 1000 novices. yeah its sounds crazy but i've tried it i use 1000 novice to control 1 block at a time.

USe not more than 5 AP per block control if you can this will let you control 20 blocks a day plus 4 if you get the bonus AP. read the forum as they are very useful than my mine. good luck