The wise fear our footfalls
That stalks them in the night
We bring deaths terror calls
Within our challenge to fight

With fist, gun or knife
Kick, bite, tear and rend
We snuff out your life
Against us you cannot defend

The Deathblades
 "Victory through Cunning, Planning and Overwhelming Firepower"

Currently Active In: 305, 306 and 310.

12 April 2005

Currently fighting in GangWar 305, 306 and 310. I must admit I am new to this game, having been only playing for two weeks as I write this. I do seem to be holding my own in 306, and actually winning in 305, although I think my success in 305 is due to several experienced players still being involved in war 300.  Too early to say what will happen in 310.

Some tips for new players.

That all for now. More to come soon.

13 April 2005

Learnt an important lesson today. ALWAYS double check the co-ordinates when I am going to attack a block. I got off lightly, attacking a uncontrolled 17 Res block instead of the much larger block controlled by another player. The 4 novices defending the block didn't get of quite so lightly when 130 members of my gang armed to teeth with rifle, pistols and vests stormed their block. Still, it was a waste of AP and it could have been the other way around, if I had accidentally entered the co-ordinates for a player held block when attempting to attack an uncontrolled block.

I was online at 01:30 server time today, the time each day that the new turn begins and AP refreshes. Very different to the times I am normally on. Normally the server is very quiet, maybe a chat message every hour. At 1:30, suddenly there are about 20 people chatting! I sent a message one of my allies, and he was on as well and reply within 30 seconds! Definitely a very cool time of the day to be playing Gangwar. Unfortunately, it  is about 3:00am in Australia (where I live), so it is going to be rare event for me.

19 April 2005

It hit the fan in war 306 for me today. I am (was?) the 2nd biggest and 5th strongest gang. The Asian Knights, who are the 1st biggest AND strongest hit me hard. After my counter attack, I am down 15 blocks. I think my only chance is that the Asian Knights have also attacked another gang, which is stronger than I am. Between both of us we may be able to defeat the Asian Knights, but I haven't had a chance to talk with the other gang.

This is going to be my first big fight in GW. If the Asian Knights win, they will most likely be unstoppable. If they fall, it will be anyone's game. Even if I beat them solidly, I will most likely be weakened and easy to pick off. This should be interesting......

2 May 2005

I have been busy with work and studies, so what time I have had the last fortnight for GW I have been using to play the game, not write about it.

The battle against the Asian Knights went far better than I expected. A coalition of  five gangs was formed to topple the Asian Knights. The AKs resisted for about two days before they fell apart. In the land grab that followed, I managed to establish myself as the largest and strongest gang in 306, and second place in money. My worry now is that several gangs will get together and try to destroy me as well.

This has already happened in 305. Twelve days ago six gangs attacked me (admittedly I had attacked one of the gangs attacking me first, but he had issue a challenge to any to attack him....). This gave me the unique opportunity to be both be part of a large alliance and defend myself from an  alliance at the same time, in two separate games. After twelve days I have destroyed two of the gangs that attacked me and reduce another to two blocks with no residential. One gang has stopped attacking me, which I am not complaining about. Which leaves the Ghost Shadows and the Flying Dragons to contend with. All of us have taken big losses over the past fortnight, but I am still managing to hold together. I am down about 45 blocks from my maximum number, but my strength has dropped considerably.