Legion of Zeus - The 100% Succesfull gang

Welcome to the Legion of Zeus player page, the only Gang that can rightfully claim to have won every War it has started in. However, as the War of Wars, namely 300 is taking place, this statement could well be overthrown. If so, then it will be overthrown by gangs that can be ranked amongst the best.

Yet for all this succes, we cannot harden the statement that we did all this on our own. So thanks to Wolverine, with whom I won my first War(166) and who taught me how to own the Full Map. Also thanks to DringJeOp, with whom I owned 183 and to Mockers, who helped me gain control of 279 rather quickly after which I cleaned up the whole place. And than I'd like to thank myself for our absolute Total Annihilation show in War 280...

Enough boasting of myself...thanks to The Vercetti Gang for his nice player page from where I stole the following table. And furthermore I'd also like to thank Raving Druids for his Tactics post on the forum, I may not have needed it but for many gangs it has been a tremendous help and resulted in a large increase in the number of skilled Gangs. Finally also the honours to CrustyFrenchBastards, our most dear moderator.


Games played:

Gang NameRichestBiggestStrongest
183Legion of Zeus(37)1st1st1st
279Legion of Zeus(3)1st1st1st
280Legion of Zeus(67)1st1st1st
291Legion of Zeus(98)1st1st1st
292Legion of Zeus(57)1st1st1st
300Legion of Zeus(38)1st2nd2nd