Flying Dragons

Only In Chinatown NYC

May 3, 2005
I'm currently involved in two games, 294 and 305. In 294, its safe to say we owned the game. I had half of Chinatown enter that one with me as my allies. LOL. I thought we might have been the only active gangs in that one until we came across a few experienced players (Backdoor Boyz and the many coloured land). Immediately they nearly destroyed Born To Kill and Bayard Street Boys.
They had us on a run after a while, but before you knew it, we ganged up on all those mothefuckers 10 to one...cause thats how asians roll! You mess with one of us you mess with all of us.

In game 305, it was just me and Ghost Shadows. We made a few allies including Black Dragons(also a chinese) and pitbulls who we were initially going to wipe out. However Ghost Shadows couldn't keep their mouth shut and they went on bragging until Deathblades made them eat their words. It was ugly, if not for our strong alliance, Ghost Shadows may not have survived. Anyhow, after about 2 weeks or so of attacking, we took down deathblades. I predict a few more days and deathblades will completely abandon this game. A worthy opponent? He was alright, however, a bit too uptight. What's the point of playing a game called gangwar if you want hold hands with everyone. Don't get me wrong, it is VERY important to make alliances. In fact that may be one of best strategies, being that this game is so one dimensional. However there's no need to turn into Mr. Mom.

I just checked the stats for Deathblades, and it looks to me like he has less than 1000 men covering 118 blocks. Probably less than 800 by now.It's so sad to see his empire crumble, but you know the saying. Mess with the Bull, get the Horns. Let me just say one thing in regards to my allies. I will hold true to all the alliances formed in taking down Deathblades. I'm a man of honor.

Deathblades is pretty much finished. They have desperately attacked 4 of my blocks, only taking three. I suspect each attack cost at least 20 AP on their part. Their residentials are down to below 5000.

In other news Ghost Shadows ran an attack on Idiots. The gang had 8000+ members in 139 blocks, and GS only attacked with 400. What an idiot. Needless to say he suffered severe casualties. Those fuckers have about 500 armed members on each block. I guess I'll have to run to his rescue if things go sour. And I can't say I hope they don't...because FD is always up for the challenge. Flying Dragons and Ghost Shadows alliance is unstoppable.


"We Are Many" Always have multiple camps. This way you engage gangs in many different areas, or jump ship if things get too rough in one neighborhood. It's also good for the element of suprsise.

"The enemy of my enemy is my ally" if your enemy destroys one of your camps, most likely he'll think you're dead. He may begin to engage other gangs in war, in which case you have found a new ally (the other gang). At that point you can either let the gang weaken him and destroy both of them, or ally and destroy the former. Whichever one is more profitable.

"Strength In Numbers" Make Alliances. Have at least one dependable ally. Each of you should have your OWN allies that hold allegiance to you and you only. This helps people see you and your partner as seperate entities, thus allowing the both of you to aquire more allies. AND STAY LOYAL TO YOUR ALLIES. I cannot stress the importance of loyalty. Tommorrow is not promised, and you never know when YOU might need their help.

"I didn't start war, but I'm sure as hell gonna end it."Simple. Never leave business unfinished. No matter how weak your opponent is, no matter how good the treaty sounds, never trust them. Bad blood dies slow.