To 2CKs player page.

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Here is 2CKs FAQ:

1.Q:Dood I havent gotten any AP yet! WTF?

A:Dont ask on chat when you get AP, they reset every 24 hours (see TVGs player page for the exact time of turn reset) and if you already waited 24 hours and you havent gotten any AP, that means your game hast started yet.

2.Q:How do I know when my game starts?

A:A game will need to be at least 75% full in order to start, So check the ranking lists for your game, or better yet, Wait until you get an email notification in your inbox from the game.

3.Q:Allright, allright, I got it! Now uh, How the F**k do I play this game??

A:I reccomend you read the rules (located in the side menu, Upper left to be precise). BUT if you want an easier way out, Go to the forums, then GW newbies, then Raving Tactics, I personally never really used them (I didnt even know they were there for the longest time lol) BUT they can be VERY helpful for a begginer.

4.Q:Woot! I read RDs tactics, but I wanna pwn some noobs and I cant find the attack button! Where the f**k is it?

A:First off, You will wanna look at your map, so go to your side menu and click on "show map". Then, Read the coords of the block you want to take over. Then, proceed on to "control block" (on the side menu) and enter the coords. Also, you have to enter the men you wanna take (5 is the least all of them is the most) and other things such as weapons and armor. Be warned though, some blocks arent what they seem...

5.Q: Wow Dood, Youre an effing genius! how do you know so much crap?

A:Its pretty easy to figure out... All you gotta do is use a tool called "READING". ;-D

Final Comment:

To all the people that insult, Impersonate, or defame another player for dumb reasons:

Haha... Dont let the game take control of your life man, If youre pissed about something that happened in game, Go beat them in game, dont go around talking smack... Otherwise, no matter how cool you try to look, Youll look as cool theese two:
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