Police said the South Side Locos now have about 400 members in the Fairfax area, recruited in a little more than two years"This is not just 400 guys loosely running around. They do have meetings. They have gotten so large that we're hearing they're breaking into [smaller units the name South Side Locos has its origins in Southern California, where it is an established street gangThe gang has been involved in armed robberies, assaults and carjackings Gangs operating in Oklahoma City are involved in violent acts such as drug-related shootings, drive-by shootings, and robberiesSouth Side Locos present the greatest challenge to Oklahoma City law enforcement. South Side Locos is considered one of the city's most violent gangs. The Tulsa Area Response Gang Enforcement Team (TARGET) in 1999 identified 284 gang sets with 915 gang members and 1,437 associate members theres more but u haters gonna have 2 wait