The Way Of The Punk Is To Team Rape!(It Means To Ally Lots Of Pro)

Even Though I Just Started, I ruled Em All!=D

My Advice To Newbies:Do NOT Fight With Other People(They May Be Pro).Try To Use All Your Ap(Action Points).

To Get Money:Click The Run Drugs Button And Type How Many Turns You Wish To Use To Get Money.

How To Get Bonus Ap:Click The Bonus Ap (Votes) Button And They Will Tell You How To Get Em.

To Buy/Sell Items:Click The Black Market button

Try To Ally With Other Players(Cost 5 turns).To Ally Press The Allies button.

To Hire Gang Members:Click The Recruit Gang Members button And Type How Many Turns You Wanna Use To Hire Gang Members


Any Comments About This hmm...Guide, Please MSG Me!I Am Also Open For Allies.Thank You For Reading My Guide.

The Punk
Cliff Yeo