Zeus, one of the more successful of adventurers, also started out as an untrained and weak youth.

Long ago, though.

The hardest thing in any venture, is finding the courage to begin it and yet preparing yourself as much as possible.

Therefore, this small list of hints...

1) Read the Holy Bible of Adventures Fame, better known as the Manual Index. Written by the most enlightened spirit of the Age, it gives many insights on all possible fields of adventuring and supplies a new adventurer with all possible information you might need. After reading it, raise a prayer for its most divine creator.

2) Learn to live with Death.(I like this phrase very much) Every adventurer will probably die once or more, only few succeed in not finding death in AF ever, and those are most often people who controlled other characters before.

3) As shown in the point above, make multiple characters. In the beginning playing a lot of characters does not cost much time, it is free, and it will help you learn the basics of this world more quickly. Try to variate in the skills trained, and maybe in the areas visited and build up your own controlling skills, as well as the experience of individual characters.

4) Stay at Inns. Using Inns will increase energy earned, and will increase HP restored. Best way to do it is spending your ap of the day, booking a room in the Inn and logging out until the next AF Day(find out when exactly the new day starts...you wouldn't be the first to login move and find out you wasted the gold of your room or even worse, notice your energy count jump while adventuring, knowing you missed out on some energy you could have used)

5) Rest often, it is wisest to attack foes(or be attacked) while your hp's are close to your max hp count. If you have plenty of gold, use the Healer it will save on your energy.

6) Train wisely, and later on Buy Training wisely. At a certain level it is a must to use skill points in a way twice as effective, even at high gold costs. Even later on it will be important NOT to train some skills but focus on only a few.

7) Buy potions, yes buy a lot of potions. They may cost gold, but when you have them you avoid death and thus probably avoid losing valuable energy. Yet be warned, for having a lot of potions is no reason to go walking around reckless, since you may see your stack of potions be quickly depleted.

8) Ask advice from older adventurers, in chat, on forum , by mail or in one of the other games.

9) Take a look at Pasha's playerpage, (if you haven't already) there is quite some interesting stuff down there. Information on Equipment, Leveling Up, Gladiator Sports (1), Achievements of some famous adventurers and a short FAQ with useful stats.

Pasha's Hideout

10) Finally, be patient, show courage, act wisely and drink alcohol. Then everything will be fine.

For those with questions, you can contact me in SfP: Phalanx of Zeus - ID 3699 VOW: Thorondor - ID 2381

Cheers, Good Luck and Have Fun, Zeus